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Oh the deep, deep abyss of social media – much harder to escape than even the most aphotic corners of Poseidon’s domain. Endless threads to follow, battles to wage, photos to swipe—more later on the app that lets you shop for mortals. Let’s talk about trends. What do mortals care about? Twitter provides a handy list! I admit most of these things are fleeting and inconsequential – and therefore boring. But during my perusing one hashtag caught my eye: #Lucifer.

Now mortals are forever getting their god priorities confused. In fact, our lack of establishing ourselves to them has caused much war and distress as they contrive their own beliefs and try to enforce them on others. With this in mind, I assumed that Lucifer was simply a mistaken name for Hades and was curious to know what he had done this time to garner so much attention. But instead of finding a worshipful discussion of the gods, I was directed to something called Netflix.

And there it was on the front page, New Episodes of Lucifer. I was captivated. This had nothing to do with Hades or the underworld I know so well. Instead, it was about a sexy deity who decides to live amongst mortals and run a nightclub. Now Zeus may often be misguided, but perhaps he was on to something after all. The reasons why one would slum it with mortals were so clearly and provocatively laid out. Without immortality experiences are so visceral, every moment essential. Lucifer experiences this through his connection with humans. If Zeus was right, and gods would benefit from understanding modern mortals, this show served as a delicious guidebook.

Three days went by. I was in a fever dream; I couldn’t stop watching until there was no more. But it didn’t need to stop there. I could make this a reality. What could be more perfect for me than a club of night?

But I would not limit myself to Los Angeles as Lucifer did. My nightclub would be the ultimate in exclusivity, existing in a city for a limited amount of time before appearing in a new one. I shall name it after my Roman non de plume. A place in the night for mortals and gods to mingle, explore night’s deepest passions, and plunge into musical escapism.

Lucifer’s accent echoed in my ears as I picked the city for my grand debut: London.

Welcome to Nox.


PS – Erebus darling, I have a gig for you.

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  1. Oh Nyx. I just know your club is going to be the place all the mortals want to dance their troubles away in.

    I have a confession – the ‘treat’ i brought you hasn’t quite gone to plan. But i have another idea.
    Something fabulous I promise!

  2. Nyx:

    Can we do my birthday Panathenaea afterparty at Nox?

    Pallas Athena

    PS – Thanks for the heads-up about the politicians. They’ve really been acting like dicks.

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