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Jeanette Rose

Wisdom of the Scribe

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Love could be labeled poison and we’d drink it anyway. – Atticus.

Other Wisdom from the Scribe =

Physical Appearance =

Height: 6’2 (no, I am not a flying infant, despite mortals depiction of me).

Weight: 180 lbs, I worked diligently to rid myself of the baby fat that once gave me my youthful appearance.

Hair Color: Dark hair, hangs in my face slightly, similar to my brother, Dinlas, without the gel. 

Facial Hair: Clean shaven. Unfortunately, a side effect of my cherubic status is the inability to grow facial hair.

Eyes: Bright Blue, often compared to a clear sky.

Distinguishing Features: A pair of black winged tattoos on my back, to represent the pair of fluffy white ones I cut off two thousand years ago, when I cut ties with Olympus. 

Family =

Parents: Ares and Aphrodite, estranged from both

Siblings: Full blood – Dinlas, Phobos and Deimos (Twins), Anteros, Himeros; other half-blooded by both parents. 

Spouse: I was married once. Don’t bring it up if you value your life. 

Children: Voluptas

Professions =

I once worked as a producer for various reality tv shows where mortals attempt to find love. I worked behind the scenes for years, casting and directing the lead to induce a state of chaos. Well, if the mortals wanted to actually find love, they really should not have put me in charge. Now, I’ve been lured by Zeus to begin my own television show. How could the mortals resist being set up by Eros themselves? I have connections to my mother’s soulmate matching service, though mine tends to be a bit more of a chaotic approach. 

= Residence =

Olympus Administration Building, Olympus Complex, Greece. I do retain my residence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.

= Personal Information =

General Overview:

What are their motivations for waking up in the morning? 

Chaos. Eros is a little to fond of causing hectic and strange interactions between both mortals and immortals. 

What do they hope to achieve? 

Maybe eventually believe in love again; could perhaps finally see true love between mortals or immortals that doesn’t turn into absolute shit? 

Do they interact with gods and mortals differently? 

If you were to talk to them, what impression of their personality would you get from their speech?

Mischievous to say the least. I’ve made more than one god fall in love with dryer lint just for the hell of it. 

What flaws do they have? 

Bitter about his love life to say the least, known to react with absolute savagery when her name is mentioned.

Nicknames: None of your gods damn business.

Likes: Causing chaos for mortals and immortals who come to him for advice about love, and making them fall in love with inanimate objects.

Dislikes: Discussions of his past relationships, or relationship, singular.

= Flaws / Weaknesses =

I have a tendency to push others away. it’s hard to truly trust someone when you know their truest desires. 

= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality – Eros is technically immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Eros can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Love God – As a God of Love, Eros can see the heart’s deepest desires in any mortal, and even immortals, which other gods have used to manipulate in the past. Which will NOT be happening again.

Limited Shapeshifting – Eros can appear as whatever form he wishes on the mortal plane, so long as it is “beloved” by mortals. He definitely has a little too much fun appearing as dead people. Typically, I appear in mortal form, though considerably less younger than most believe. I’ve done everything possible not to be connected to the foolish babe with a bow that mortals believe I am.

= Personal Attire =

Normal Daily Wear:Usually jeans and a t-shirt; I do everything to blend in, while keeping most at arm’s length.

Alternative Dress Wear: What can I say? I still rock a toga and wear one at every possibility. The breeze is fantastic on my *ahem* nether regions.

= Magical Artifacts/Weapons =

Eros’s Bow and Arrow – Eros carries a magical bow and arrow, whose wounds makes any fall in love or passion. The bow and arrow can also be used to poison love. 

Love’s Armour – Eros also has the ability to conjure armor similar to his father’s, indicating the invincibility of love. 

Love and Desire – A pair of white cats that accompany him wherever he goes, which he definitely did not get solely to irritate his brother, Dinlas.

= Introduction =

Introduction written by Jeanette Rose

I’m supposed to be one of the few gods who has a happy ending, right? Psyche and I end up living happily ever after? Wrong. As a result of my mother’s interference, I felt compelled to step in the woman I once loved, the woman who betrayed me. So one stupid marriage ceremony where I was literally dragged to the altar later, I was married to her. Which didn’t stop me from leaving, again. 

I asked one thing of her. ONE THING. Don’t look on me in my true form. I visited her every night. No one could satisfy her more than I could. I WAS the god of love and desire, but that simply wasn’t enough for her. She looked upon my face, then my mother interfered and I found myself married to the woman who betrayed me. Well, nothing said I had to stay with her. She may be immortal and gifted with wings, but I have no intentions of forgiving her. Or my parents. Not that they cared about it.

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