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Introduction written by E.J. Dawson

It is said that man knows only two paths when it comes to facing chaos.

One of comprehension, that there is more than a fickle master of fate to dictate the future. The other is to foster evil, war and battle.

What any woman would know is that in both forms, Eris is nothing other than the ebb and flow of life: the birth of a child and the pain she bears at its passing.

So, too, does Eris know both the kindness of good fortune, and the despair of the unexpected faltering.

To her, all is but a dice roll, a twist of the fates, and any string can be plucked to please her.

Kind as she can be though, she does favour the rise of strife and discord, arms brought to bear, and the failings of the divine. It is a song she weaves with the subtlest of intention, and only when it is far too late can any see the rug she’s weaved for those to willingly cross in desperation for vengeance…

In past times, she drove brother against brother, sent kings to fight their allies, and drove men to bare steel rather than use words.

These days, she’s all about failed text messages, unlocked Facebook pages, and chance meetings. It was never about the scale, but the level of hatred evicted, the love of conflict and a battle that was for more than life, but the soul itself.

And if you have mistakenly come here looking for Eros, then please, leave your regard. Eris promises to take care of you and your loved ones…perhaps more than you ever wanted.

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