Bridging the Gap

So what have I learned so far? 

Animals have messages, everyone has a spirit guide, and Will Smith makes ‘this’ look good; although, I’m not quite sure what ‘this’ is. 

I think it’s time for a hike. This is a lot of information to process. Spirit guide? What is a spirit guide? What happened to the Gods? 

Wait a minute, let me see if I can find an answer to that question here on YouTube. They have this really cool little feature where all I have to do is enter a word and it shows me everything they have on that topic. 

So, let’s look for ‘Olympus’. Here we go, 10 suggestions with the first one being ‘Olympus Has Fallen’. Excuse me? Fallen? I think not!! Oh, wait a minute, that’s the name of a movie. Mortals certainly like their shows. 

How cool! Did you know these guys actually have a brand of camera called ‘Olympus’? Yeah, there’s a video for that. 

Continuing down the list…here we go…a three minute and twenty-one second recording on the history of Greek mythology. Seriously, that’s all we get…three minutes? Well, three minutes and a few seconds…geez! 

Ok, so let’s see if they have anything on Demeter? Nice! Here are several videos about the Goddess of the harvest, grain and fertility of the earth. What about Athena? Yes! The goddess of wisdom, artistic craft, strength and strategic warfare is on YouTube, too! This explains why there’s only a few minutes on Olympus. Mortals are simply telling our stories God by God. So, what do they have to say about Panacea? 

Are you kidding me? There is one, one minute and twelve second video on Panacea. That’s it; the rest are about my sister Hygeia? Oh my goddess?! This isn’t good…they know next to nothing about me/her/us. 

OH MY GODDESS!!! This is awesome!!! We can change this! This is “our” chance to make our own videos and share Panacea’s message. 

But can we?” 

I mean, we’re up against many people actually trying to teach their viewers how to connect with their inner god or goddess. 

Am I missing something? Does this mean everyone is a demi-god or goddess? I can’t help but laugh at the thought of this, as I imagine Artemis and Nyx sharing a body with a mortal, or for that matter, many mortals? According to the YouTube tribe, many people embody these two along with and other Gods and Goddesses. 

Who cares? I say, let’s get into making videos! All we need is a computer and the internet and we have both! 

Oh yeah…this is good! 

Now, I’m out. Back to what I started to do earlier, hike… 

I love being outdoors and with the fall season coming, the days are not nearly as hot as they have been and the nights…oh, the nights are soooooo cool, and not just figuratively. Anyway, today is no less amazing. The skies are blue and the air is both cool and warm. 

Who knew YouTube would be both interesting and confusing? 

Nope! I can’t think about that right now. Not interested; I’m outside and loving it! 

Yikes! What the heck is that? There’s this thing crossing the path not far from me. It looks like it might be a bug but it’s really big?! I mean, REALLY big… 

Now that I’m closer to it, it seems it’s a tarantula scooting across the road. I want to say he, him, or it’s a male, but I have no idea whether it’s a girl or a boy. I can just see that it’s definitely on a mission. Maybe it’s mating season around here; I’m not sure. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve been around one. Regardless, he or she is gorgeous, a furry brown and white… and honestly seeing this little ‘guy’ is the frosting on my day. 

Tarantula…does tarantula have a message for me? Hahahahaha…you know, I get YouTube on my phone and I’m not afraid to use it…hahahahaha 

Tarantula symbolism … where are you? Found it .. what do you want me to know? 

“Tarantula meaning reminds you to trust that you will be given the information and knowledge you need. Moreover, you will be able to make your next move when the time comes. Alternatively, tarantula symbolism can also be letting you know that positive changes are now taking hold in your life.” 

I am digging this! Look out world, Panacea is coming to you on YouTube! 

Who’s your spirit guide? 


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