When Only the Best Will Do

“The fact that I can see your pulse poundin’ in your throat, love,” he purred, and leaned down to give me a kiss. At the last moment, he jerked his head back and licked my nose instead before hopping backwards out of arm’s reach.


Home and Hearth, At Last

Leave behind the greens and browns of the Highlands and take your place by the bonfire. Be a satyr’s girl, for once in your life. Dance under the moon with me, for Equinox?” […]


Running with the Pack, Part II

The sober-ish one was screaming, trying to reload his gun, dropping bullets in his fear, and the pungent scent of his terror was thick on the air. He managed to get one shot off, which was a mistake. The bullet didn’t even slow Seamus down – but it did piss the rest of them off. […]


Running with the Pack, Part I

THIS was more like it – the fierce adulation of strong warriors, just as heady as the prayers of new brides. I closed my eyes for a moment, basking in the sheer power of it. […]


Diaries of Hestia: Death Comes on Swift Wings

“A month after you left, my lady,” Connor said, his voice cracking with tiredness. “He started declinin’ right after you left, but he went peacefully at the end. Just went to sleep and never woke up. […]


Diaries of Hestia: Settling In

I whispered a blessing over the little ball of sunlight in my hand, and gently laid it on its bed of olive wood gathered from the wild places of Mount Olympus. My fire was once again burning in the brazier of the gods, and I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing. […]


Diaries of Hestia: My Brother, The Madman

This city is a madhouse – the mortals are stacked in here like spawning fish in a river. Thunder Boy’s little project lacks soul, but I suppose that’s what I’m for. […]