An Agreement Between Gods

I entered my newly decorated offices and had to admit, I was a bit impressed. It’s all rustic and homey. Kind of reminds me of my cottage back on Crete. Well, before Poseidon got all pissy and covered the entire region under sixty feet of water.

Zeus stopped by and asked me to draw up a few contracts for some of the gods he’s called back. Seems he might be a little worried about a few of them not keeping up with their end of the bargain. He also asked me if I could look into a few of his would-be conquests. Seems he’s being threatened with paternity suits from a couple nymphs who he swears he’s never touched.

I’m waiting on my first real client. It’s been a long time since I was a practicing attorney, but I do agree with Baby Brother that my services will be needed. It seems a few of my brethren have decided to go all willy-nilly with the mortals. I’ve heard rumors that my son-in-law Hades has had a recent influx of new recruits he wasn’t expecting. Hmmm…

As I stood there admiring my surroundings, there was a knock on the door. I knew it was my client and, with a wave of my hand, the door swung open and there he was. My sweet little nephew, Ares. He’s such a handsome little devil, too bad he’s such a pain in the posterior.

“Good morning, Aunt Dem. I got a message you wanted to see me.”

He had that look in his eye. The one that says ‘I don’t really care what you have to say, but I’ll listen just for kicks.’

“Come in, nephew. Have a seat. We need to figure out how to tackle these complaints about your little scuffle with Hephy. According to these reports, you created this mess by getting messy yourself. You and Aphrodite are all the talk around the water fountain.”

“I had nothing to do with that,” he growled. “She came at me, I pushed her away, I have a video to prove it.” I could see the flames of passion and rage well up in his eyes, but I kept my cool.

“Honey,” I began as I crossed my arms and looked him dead in those blazing eyes, “you are a god and you could have just waved your hand and had anything you wanted come up on those videos. I know it, you know it and they know it. I still hear gods and mortals whispering about your little tryst with our resident beauty queen. The world may forget a lot of things about us, Ares, but never the really juicy stuff.”

Ares knew I was right, but it didn’t calm the beast rising within him. I sauntered over behind my desk and sat in my chestnut, leather chair. “I do have a proposition, however,” I said in my best ‘favorite auntie’ voice. “I could make it all go away, for a price.”

“Aw, Auntie Dem.” I couldn’t help but notice the slight smirk that crossed his face. “Here all this time I thought you were the good one. I should have known even the People’s Goddess would have ulterior motives.”

“Oh now, don’t go getting your hot little jock in a bunch. It’s not that bad. I just need some services rendered that, I believe, only you can provide.”

“Well Auntie Dem,” his slight smirk formed into a full-fledged grimace, “I had no idea that’s all I had to do to become the favorite nephew.”

Now I was the one sporting a sheepish grin. “Oh, don’t flatter yourself, boy. I’m talking about doing some security and maybe a little investigative work. I can’t create a good defense for my clients if I don’t have all the facts. And I don’t think anyone else has the grit or the guts to do it.”

Ares stood across the desk from me, arms folded and looking as though he might have a spark of interest in my proposal. “You can make it all go away?” he asked, hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

“I’ll do all I can to end the whole, um, affair? If there’s any issues, I’ll handle them at my own expense. I’ll see about calling in a few favors, make some deals and end this as quietly as possible. Do we have an agreement?”

Ares thought for just a moment before declaring, “Agreed.”

We shook on it and he turned to leave.

“Oh, Ares, one more thing,” I quipped in my most innocent tone. “I’d be willing to take on all your cases, pro bono, if you’d do me one tiny favor.”

Ares stopped in his tracks, staring straight ahead.

“I’d be ever so grateful if you’d keep an eye on my sweet little Persephone. I do worry about her and it might be useful to know where she’s at, what she’s doing…who she’s with. I mean, how can a mama protect her baby without having some kind of intel on the deities she’s known to associate with.”

Ares slowly turned around, a look of knowing on his face. “Uh huh and there it is.”

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Demeter (Christine Graves)
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  1. Seriously, what is up with Uncle Poseidon and his rage issues? Aunt Dem … he’s the one you should look into.

    But I do think Ares will be a great help. I think my dear brother is turning over a new (somewhat less bloody and brutish) leaf.

  2. Thena, your Uncle Poseidon has always had anger issues. And as for Ares, he’s gonna need my help as much as I need his. LOL

    And Dinlas, my sweet little nephew, if I need someone “taken care of”, you’ll be the first one I call.

    • Aunt Dem:

      I just thought of someone who also might be able to help you. Nemesis is back, right? If she’s still interested in meting out divine retribution (esp. where gods need it) she might be the perfect employee!

      Pallas Athena

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