A Nightmare

I come bearing terrible news. It appears that none of which I have told you has been true.

A fortnight ago, I was exploring in the woods behind my home in the mortal world, when I stumbled across some herbs I had never seen before. After what I thought was extensive scrutiny and testing, I concluded they were harmless and I ground them into a tincture for easing stress.

I made the brew too strong.

The concoction, of which I only drank a single sip, spiraled me into a hallucinatory dream state for the past ten or so days.

The fog cleared around my head this morning, for me to find that my boss has not been transmogrified into a snake and, is in fact, still running the program where I work.

It is a devastating blow and a harsh wake up to reality. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps I can relive what I can now call the most satisfying dream I’ve ever had.


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Circe (Jessaca Willis)
Circe is portrayed by fantasy writer, Jessaca Willis. She is currently working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy series and a dark fantasy series. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or check-out her current works on Amazon)
Circe (Jessaca Willis)

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Circe (Jessaca Willis)

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