Hammers, Fire and Brooms

The jest of it was that by tomorrow morning, someone close to Dad would be dead. The only way to prevent this from happening was if the Gods left and never returned. Our kind wasn’t welcome here among the mortals anymore. […]


Leaving the Nest

I took the box from him and crossed over to the bed again. All eyes were on me as I took the lid off. Inside were things from the temple days and there was something I had thought I had lost so many eons ago. […]


Broken Hearts in Paris…

It was rare that I ran into a woman I had spent time with on my travels. Even more unusual that I remembered any of them at all. But Cassie…she was different. […]


Nary a Horn or Drum is Required

The challenge I see with today’s culture is there is SO much information that not only generates mass confusion, it separates people and disconnects them from their true nature. […]


My First Collar, Part I

That’s when it struck me like a ton of arch-stones. A plan for exactly how to make the money I need. The idea started in the back of my brain and raced forward, like a cool breeze on the neck that makes you shiver. It was sudden and startling. […]


Moving Day

The facade looked just like my Parthenon. I could almost feel the breeze in my hair. Beyond the walls, terraced hills danced with my beloved olive trees. My eyes filled with tears. I had forgotten what it was like to be home. […]


The Hunt Begins

Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her. […]


Not So New Office

I had a lot to think about, and the next few weeks would be busy for me. Plans like mine don’t just come together on their own, they take plenty of forethought. […]


Public Relations, Part IV – OA

The redhead that I was wearing attracted more than her fair share of attention. One appreciative admirer kissed his fingertips and cooed, “Bella,” then fell from his ladder when I looked up at him to smile my acknowledgement. […]