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What’s Your Alibi?

Dad paced the floor on the opposite end of his office from the body. I’m sure he was wondering what Mother was going to say when she found out about this. She’d either give him an alibi or hang him out to dry. […]


Dead End

With the big move, Athena’s birthday party, the imminent gallery opening, and all of the family drama, I let myself get sidetracked. Too distracted. I needed to make up for it. Maybe not today, but… […]


The Panathenaia, Part 2

Instantly, the cramped automotive walls with their neon piping slid away and Ares, Nike and I found ourselves nestled within the solid silver confines of Selene’s moon chariot. […]


Diaries of Hestia: Death Comes on Swift Wings

“A month after you left, my lady,” Connor said, his voice cracking with tiredness. “He started declinin’ right after you left, but he went peacefully at the end. Just went to sleep and never woke up. […]

In the Spotlight

Move Over DJ Snake, Erebus Goes to Coachella

by Erebus (Melissa Stoddart) in Primordial 2

I know you must be confused by this, but a week being locked out of Olympus will change a God. I know you mortals will ask, “what’s a God doing at Coachella?” Well, let me [...]

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