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Opposites Attract


There is a big difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Doing is action based; hence, contrary action. Sometimes this is necessary, only after honoring the ‘what’s so’ for you. […]

Home and Hearth, At Last


Leave behind the greens and browns of the Highlands and take your place by the bonfire. Be a satyr’s girl, for once in your life. Dance under the moon with me, for Equinox?” […]

In the Spotlight

Rising from the Ashes, Part I

by Medusa (J.M. Keen) in Goddess 1

“I am. There is an election soon here in Mississippi that I have been encouraged to run for. As I understand it, it is practically sitting in the palm of my hand.” […]

Mini-Series | Erato’s Misadventures: The #EratoEffect

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