Unauthorized Calls

–Transcription of recordings dated May of Two Thousand Nineteen–

…”listen, I get it. I get it. I’ve done what I can. They are going to need some time to figure it out for themselves.”…

–Recording confirms voice as that of Zeus, CEO of the OIympus Administration–

…”I wanted them to be able to do what they wanted to do, they’ve had 2,000 years to themselves. Me barking orders isn’t going to go as far as it used to.”…

–Zeus conducts business in his penthouse office, recording cannot confirm secondary participant. Encrypted communication.–

…”That’s easy for you to say, you’re the one that knows how this plays out.”…”Why don’t you cut me some slack? No? You really have to be so clinical? Lace, there are lives at stake, not to mention my own position”…

–End Transcription–

–Transcription of new recordings dated May of Two Thousand Nineteen–

…”I swear I am going to kill that boy!”…”Calm down? You want me to calm down? That bastard took out 3 months worth of work on a children’s museum over some horseshit adolescent grudge…I’ve already banned him from work outside the complex…You work in fabrics, dear, you draw out the line and then *poof* it’s over. I can’t do that, if I cut a line I have Hera up my ass. I tossed the kid off the mountain once, you think I’d live to see him survive a second toss?”…

–Conversation between secondary party unable to be processed for transcription–

…”What in the hells do you mean I NEED him? You can’t be serious?” –Silence in recording, transcription paused–…”Yes, yes I can back off. If you think it will keep him in the fold, sure, just focus on the work…Listen, I really don’t think I can do this, Lace. You’re making me put a lot on faith here. Ok. Ok. Yes, talk later. Oh wait, I’m in the states for the next few weeks….Sure, yes Hera knows to keep them off of 61 through 80. I’ll call again when I land”…

–End Transcription–

–Transcription of new recordings dated May of Two Thousand Nineteen–

…”I’m starting to think getting the entire family back together is gonna be my undoing.”

“They have their purpose, Zeus. You need to make them believe in it. In you. Otherwise this crumbles.” –Recording confirms voice as that of {REDACTED}–

“Sure, but hey I’m getting off of this line. I do not trust Cleveland’s fiber grid.”

“Very well, my lord. The fabrics are spun, we have time to see them delivered.”

–End Transcription–

–Transcription of new recordings dated {REDACTED}–

…”The die is cast, we’re moving forward, hells or high water. Are you going to make this work, or do I need to move you back?”…

–Recordings cannot identify secondary participant. Encrypted communication–

…”No. You can’t talk to them. They don’t even know where you’re kept, let alone that you have access to a phone.”…”Dammit, I don’t know where she is. She’s retired. Jamaica, Fiji, I have no gods damned clue. She wanted out, dad, do I need to remind you why?”…

…”Yes. I’ll get you a jersey. No, I’m not getting it autographed.”…

…”Bye dad.”…

–End Transcription–

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Zeus (Michael Z. Ryan)

Zeus (Michael Z. Ryan)

Founder | OG | Chief Entertainment Officer
Michael Z. Ryan is an award winning playwright and screenwriter from the incorrectly labeled “Flyover State” of Iowa. Michael has been the voice of Zeus, more or less since October of 2011. Being the scribe of Zeus often has Michael residing in an illegal sublet, purchased by Zeus, under the watchful eye of his Cyclops landlord Steve. Zeus said it was the best he could do for someone with “pinchable cheeks” like his. He is currently working on his latest screen play while juggling work, family, and ruling the world. Founder and Charter Member of All in the Pantheon - Original God (OG) #WritingCommunity #ThePantheon
Zeus (Michael Z. Ryan)

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  1. After all that convincing you did about the mission being for the good of the world, what are you up to, Dad??

  2. What’s up with floors 61-80. And mom’s in on this? You better set shit straight before my birthday. I will not let whatever drama you’re creating ruin my Panathenaea!

  3. Hey Thunder Bottom, do you think you need to invest in some cybersecurity? some counter-intelligence? Step into the 21st century, man.

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