This is the home of Lord Hades within the Underworld. The dead pass through the Gate of Shades from the south and find themselves in the Land of Hecate. Unable to cross any of the rivers on their own, they will find themselves at the shore of Aveinos awaiting safe passage.

Sulfur Springs Resort by C.E. Robb
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= Aveinos (Lake of the Dead) =

Before reaching the Sulfur Springs Resort & Spa, visitors must arrange transportation with the immortal, Charon. If satisfied with payment, he will ferry them across this lake to the Sulfur Springs Welcome Center.

= White Rock =

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= Sulfur Springs Welcome Center =

Right inside the gates, Hades maintains an office in the welcome center to the Sulfur Springs Resort and Spa with his trusty guard dog, Cerberus.

Although Hades likes to keep up appearances, the convergence of the Styx, Pyriphlegethlon, Acheron, Lethe, and Coxytus rivers make for a heavy marsh environment devoid of any real vegetation.

Often, souls without reservations elsewhere can be found loitering out front of the welcome center in the parking lot smoking a cigarette, banging on the vending machines, or begging for spare change.

= Palace of Hades =

Within his resort, Hades lives like a king in a royal palace built along the shore of the Mnemosyne with a view of the Groves of Persephone. On his property, he maintains a vast series of orchards and fields.

= The Asphodel Fields =

Just beyond the welcome center spawls the Asphodel Fields where the dead often roam through the thick growth of asphodel, a pale-grey plant which is edible but very bland. Although not very tasty, the residents of the Apartments of Asphodel regard it as a staple food.

A section of the Asphodel Fields

The Apartments of Aspodel is a mid-tier housing complex is located in the far west section of the Aspodel Fields. It is the home of the shades of the indifferent dead, those souls who were neither especially pious or wicked. The residents of Asphodel seem constantly bored and confused as they wander through their mundane afterlife, just like they did in real life.

= Mourning Fields and Mines (The Vale) =

This valley slopes down to the east from the Asphodel Fields. The farther one travels into the mourning fields, the more bleak and foreboding the scenery. Block after block of rundown tenement housing dominates the urban landscape in which the residents are employed to work the mining operation owned by Hades.

Housing in the Mourning Fields (The Vale)

= Cave of Hypnos =

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= Cave of Oneiroi =

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