The primary entrance to Propylaia, the land of Hecate and the Restless Dead, is from the south via the Gate of Shades. it is bordered by the Lethe, Coxytus and Acheron rivers, the shades of the restless dead reside outside of the Sulfur Springs Resort and is managed by Hecate, Queen of Ghosts and Witchcraft.

Propylaia – Beyond the Gates by C.E. Robb
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Souls waiting for Charon to cross Aveinos, the Lake of the Dead, can be found waiting by the shore. These are the Restless Dead, generally, those who enter the Underworld but are unable to pay the required fare to Charon and cross into the afterlife. Those with the required travel fare will be ushered off to the Sulfur Springs Welcome Center in the Sulfur Springs Resort.

Those unable to cross eventually become despondent and full of despair. They wander off along the banks of the Acheron and sometimes into the darkened forest.

The forests of Propylaia

It should be noted that not all of the residents of the Land of Hecate are the restless. At times, Hecate may allow heroes who died without a family. At times, she may even permit temporary leave to the denizens of other areas even Tartarus.

Although Hecate takes charge for these unfortunate, wandering souls, she typically attends to other matters in the mortal realm during the day. However, at night, especially the nights of the new and full moons her bond is strongest with her charges. Often on the night of the new moon, when the mortal realm is darkest, she allows the restless dead to wander the paths of the Earth.

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