Although Elysium was originally constructed as a region separate from the Sulfur Springs Resort & Spa, Hades annexed the region into his holdings following the imprisonment of Kronos.

Elysium by C.E. Robb
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This area of lush grasses, beautiful woods, and abundant flowers lies to the west of the Apartments of Asphodel. Access to the region is primarily through the Gate of Dawn. However, Hades, Persephone and other worthy individuals frequently cross the river of Lethe into Elysium

Elysium Suites: These premier condos are situated in the central area of Elysium, the Blessed Fields.

Groves of Persephone: The southern portion of the blessed fields is the home to the Groves of Persephone.

Cave of Kronos: To the north of the blessed fields lies the Cave of Kronos. It is suspected to be an alternate entrance to the Land of Dreams, burrowing under the Styx River, but no one has crossed through since the age of Titans.

Hesperia (Isle of Twilight): Coming Soon

Gardens of the Hesperides: Coming Soon

Makaron (Isle of Heroes): Coming Soon

Aea (Isle of Dawn): Coming Soon

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