The Truth, Part IV – The Interview I

Reported by Roberta Sandford, on special assignment for Olympus Tonight, a TV news program 

In ancient times, there were stories told about a group of immortals – Olympians and muses, gods and goddesses, Titans and Primordials – who ruled over the earth. They lived on Mount Olympus, high above us, protecting us from danger, shining down on us when we had done something to earn their favor. They fought for us, fought against us, fought each other, but they were always there…until one day, when people began to realize that they didn’t need the immortals anymore. When the Egyptians, jealous of the power that the Olympians wielded over everyone and everything, rose up as one and challenged them, the immortals scattered to the four winds and weren’t heard from for thousands of years.

Until recently.

A few months ago, the immortals appeared amongst us once again. The official line that we have received from their public relations office is that “you need us.” From what I have learned in talking to a few of them, they believe that we have made a mess of things while they were away, so they have returned to put things right. I will give them this: they do make compelling arguments as to why they think we have screwed things up, not that I agree with all of their assessments.

Today, I am on the outskirts of Olympus, walking through an old vineyard, which was purchased by the Olympus Administration quietly a few years ago. I am joined on my walk by Ares, the God of War. A rather charming gentleman, I must say, for someone who is known to be a bit of a hothead. He’s dressed all in black, and he gives off an air of quiet assurance. Yet, there is a bit of an edge to him, as if he is struggling with some internal demon that no one else can see. 

After our walk through the vineyard, he leads me to the main building, where a table and chairs are set up on the patio. On the table is a bottle of the vineyard’s wine and two wine glasses. We sit, Ares pours each of a glass of red wine, we clink glasses, and begin to talk.

Roberta Sandford: How are you enjoying your return to Olympus?

Ares: Well, I have been here many, many times throughout the years, just not on a permanent basis. It wasn’t something that I ever imagined happening, to be truthful.

RS: Why not? Are you and your family close?

Ares: (laughs) Definitely not! You know how some families manage to hold it together when they gather for a visit? The tension is in the air, but yet, everyone plays nice for a few hours or a couple of days. But when it’s time to leave, you can hear the rubber burning as they floor it trying to get away. In our family, it’s more like walking in the door and want to throat punch the first person you see before you even say hello. We were all much happier apart.

RS: If this is true, then why come back together at all?

Ares: Because Dad ordered us.

RS: Dad being Zeus.

Ares: Yes, ma’am.

RS: How did you find out that he wanted you to come back?

Ares: He sent Hermes to track us all down. 

RS: And where were you when Hermes finally found you?

Ares: (laughs) On a yacht with a beautiful woman, who I discovered was a plant by Hermes so he would know how to find me.

RS: Well, considering your reputation as a ladies’ man, that seems very appropriate.

Ares: I agree. He got me with that one. But you know what they say about payback…

RS: Were you surprised to be ordered home?

Ares: I was more surprised to be told that I needed to get a job. 

RS: Why did you decide to open a security company?

Ares: I am the god of war, so who better than I to understand taking a defensive stance against something?

RS: How is business going for you?

Ares: Very well, thank you. We don’t just handle security, but we also do private investigations. I have a wonderful crew of men and women working for me. I have no complaints.

RS: I understand that the return of your family has not been smooth sailing. 

Ares: (smiles) Well, we didn’t expect people to roll out the welcome wagon for us.

RS: There were reports of sabotage at your brother’s forge. Is this true?

Ares: Yes, that’s true. Someone replaced the rollers with cheap models, which break down much faster than the titanium ones that he normally uses. There were some delays in production as we worked around the clock to fix the problem, but things are back up and running normally again.

RS: According to the police reports I have read, as well as people I have interviewed, the sabotage was being done by people that your brother, Hephaestus, hired. Is this correct?

Ares: That is correct, but in fairness to my brother, he was working under enormous pressure from our father. The normal vetting process for employees was not followed, and a few bad apples took advantage of the lapse to worm their way into the company. That problem has been rectified, however. 

RS: Let’s talk about that for a moment. Again, according to police reports, the sabotage was being done by a group called the Ultimate Power, a group of people who did not want your family to return. 

Ares: Correct.

RS: What did you do to rectify this situation?

Ares: (studies his wine glass for a minute) We discovered that the man in charge of the group had become a very valuable member of my brother’s staff. He sets things in motion there, then made his way to my son Dinlas’ company and had begun to infiltrate his business as well. 

RS: People died because of this, did they not?

Ares: One woman who had been employed as a human resources manager for the OA was killed, as was her brother, who was in charge of the forge. Also, a woman at my son’s company was murdered by Markos, the man in charge of the Ultimate Power. 

RS: But there was one other death, was there not?

Ares: Yes. A mortal woman I was very much in love with. Markos killed her in order to draw me out for a fight, which I gave him. 

RS: I won’t ask you for the details, as that was covered extensively in the local papers when it happened. 

Ares: I appreciate that. 

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