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GodBlogs: Selene

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Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

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Parents: N/A

Siblings: N/A

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= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

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Normal Daily Wear: N/A

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= Introduction =

Greetings sun walkers- mortals. I am Selene, but you can call me Luna if you like, they borrowed her from me after all. It’s alright. It’ll be our little secret. We’ll have a lot of those before the end. Walk with me; we’ll talk. I’ll tell you of my many faces and how I drive the night across the sky in my chariot crafted of the purest silver. A vehicle that would strike envy in the heart of even the richest man. We can bathe in the beauty of my sweet moonlight and we will whisper poetry; soft, silken and sultry. But do not take me for a fool. For I can be cruel as even the night herself.

Just look to the wolves for proof, they took me for granted. Now they howl at my feet, worship me for all to see. I took colour from their world. Cursed to shadow now they know it is by my light alone they live. But do not fret sweet mortals; for it is known my love for you is great. I even took one of you to be my lover; Endymion… may he dream forever. But let us not dwell on history for the night is young, somewhere.

You ask of my family? I have two siblings; Eos the goddess of dawn and Helios the god of the sun. Both of which I love. Even if they do try and steal my thunder. My parents Theia and Hyperion-Titan and Titaness alike are born from Gaia and Uranus, siblings. Incestuous? Perhaps. But it is not for mortals to judge the whims of divinity, so I advise you- don’t.

As for the other gods and goddesses my history is written, there isn’t much to muse on. I’ve tumbled with Zeus but let’s be honest, who hasn’t?

Still I prefer the taste of mortality. So much sweeter is life caked in opportunity, pressed to the edge of almost certain damnation.

Have I peaked your interest?

Once bathed in my ethereal light you may find yourself wanting. But I am a benevolent goddess. It’ll be fun I promise. All I require is your adoration. If you can give me that? I will give you the most precious gift I can; illumination from the shadows you so fear. They break upon my very skin; plant no seeds in souls devoted to me.

Come wax with me, I shan’t let you wane; we can lament in sweet serenity.



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