The Gods, Goddesses, and Muses

Your favorite Gods, Goddesses, and Muses listed here just for you! Learn about one or learn about them all. Each God(dess) and Muse page starts with a picture of them and includes a delicious bio so you can learn more about them. We’re currently working on interviews so you can ask them all those juicy questions you’ve been dying to know, you dirty heathen.

Find the God(dess) you want and click on the name on their picture.

((All posts are in character unless otherwise stated and while we do try to be “historically accurate” (as much as you can be with myths and legends) we encourage our writers to create an individual personality  for each God(dess) and Muse based on what they know of them))

((Each page has a short author bio at the bottom so make sure to follow your favorite writers!))

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