Lord Hades and the Gem of Tartarus, Part II

But if those buffoons don’t stop wrecking crap, things are only going to get worse. I swear if I find out one of them is behind these bollocks—some sort of a practical joke—there will be Hades to pay. […]


In the Cards

The second card displayed the Devil. “The Devil indicates the shadow side. The part of us drawn by materialism, greed, pettiness. It can be a warning to not let yourself get out of control or release your most basic desires. […]


The Keystone

I shoved my other hand into my pocket and fingered the silver key there. The energy coursed through me as the key dissolved into my palm. The black bag flashed with a silver light, but I bet none of them noticed. […]


Public Relations, Part VII – Fired Up

“This is all sport to you. Fun and games. Well, Mr. Perfect, we are all familiar with some of your less than stellar moves. I mean, who tosses their own son off a mountain just because he needs corrective shoes? Oh. That would be you.” […]