Public Relations, Part VIII – The Briefing

“Alright. That’s enough!” he bellowed, causing the windows to rattle. “Here’s what’s going to happen. Everyone is getting a job so that we can better connect and integrate with mortals. And that, my dear, includes you.” “No.” […]


Love’s Radiance: Part I

I found that the best way to be beautiful and mysterious at the same time was to go undercover. I found my love for singing in a little club in Paris, and Maria was born: a sexy, redheaded broad who frequents many clubs to perform. […]


The Halls of Home

Though I have a permanent home here, I very rarely visit. I prefer snow-chilled mountain peaks and the darker corners of the rainforest – Hades probably prefers I am not here much either, really. […]


Public Relations, Part VI – Buzz Words

I know him. He doesn’t do idle chit chat. He was trying to disarm me with pleasantries. He also knows me and should know better, but the more he wants something, the nicer he is…until he is told “no.” […]


Holding Down the Fort

Why Zeus thinks that we are needed back here again is beyond me. It seems to me that you people are doing just fine without us. Maybe this is a power play from the big man. Maybe he’s just bored. You never can tell with him. […]


Public Relations, Part IV – OA

The redhead that I was wearing attracted more than her fair share of attention. One appreciative admirer kissed his fingertips and cooed, “Bella,” then fell from his ladder when I looked up at him to smile my acknowledgement. […]