The Case of the Missing Dead Man, Part I

“Why Hades, my favorite little son-in-law. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you were to say something like, ‘Oh Mama Dem. I need a favor and only your infinite wisdom can help me’?” […]


Lord Hades and the Gem of Tartarus, Part II

But if those buffoons don’t stop wrecking crap, things are only going to get worse. I swear if I find out one of them is behind these bollocks—some sort of a practical joke—there will be Hades to pay. […]


Lord Hades and the Gem of Tartarus (Part I)

In the center of the room, there appeared to be an ancient grain bin. This must have been where they dried and ground their crops. In the corner, though, was something interesting: a small wooden chest partially obscured by a fallen rafter. […]


Ode to Estrella

It’s like I’m addicted to this mortal. When we’re apart, I want to see her. When I see her, I want to touch her. I just can’t stop thinking about her.” […]


Children of Nightmares

A master hunter knows patience. Taking your prey too soon, the flesh will be tough, chewy and bitter. The hunt is not over until a calming realization surfaces in their eyes. You must wait until they stop begging for mercy or rescue. […]


We All Have Regrets

Morpheus has no interest in driving anyone insane. Madmen pay no heed to nightmares. They can’t even tell the difference between wake and sleep. No. Morpheus is a beast. […]


Olympia High

“What do you mean Principal Zeus?” I muttered under my breath. I walked over to the car, taking in my surroundings. Something was off. Things felt real, but not quite. I must be dreaming.


The Hunt Begins

Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her. […]