The Halls of Home

Though I have a permanent home here, I very rarely visit. I prefer snow-chilled mountain peaks and the darker corners of the rainforest – Hades probably prefers I am not here much either, really. […]


The Awakening

I know you probably think it odd that a god or goddess should find anything of interest to learn from you mortals. But I’ve found that wisdom can come from anywhere. […]


Nox Opening Night

On the opening night of Nox, my new ultra-exclusive pop-up night club, all the stars went out. Gripping translucent invites in their hands, the chosen few could think of nothing else but attending the opening party. After all, those invitations had been dusted by stars and forged by my fates—for a mortal, one touch felt like destiny fulfilled. […]


Exclusive Invitation

Discover how the most exclusive place in the night for mortals and gods to mingle, explore night’s deepest passions, and plunge into musical escapism came to be. Your invitation inside. […]


Move Over DJ Snake, Erebus Goes to Coachella

I know you must be confused by this, but a week being locked out of Olympus will change a God. I know you mortals will ask, “what’s a God doing at Coachella?” Well, let me […]