The Case of the Missing Dead Man, Part I

“Why Hades, my favorite little son-in-law. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you were to say something like, ‘Oh Mama Dem. I need a favor and only your infinite wisdom can help me’?” […]


Mr. Franklin’s Fiery Crash

I started to doze when I heard the train horn. I sat up and the train was still several hundred yards away and coming fast. I reached out and grabbed Mr. Franklin and the car door. […]


When it Rains, it Pours

I thanked him for his help and told him I would keep him posted. As we parted company, I had a feeling it would take more than the two of us to find the person responsible. […]


A Mess of Mythic Proportions, Part II

“I’ve gathered all the information on him I can find, both legal and not-so-legal. He’s also a direct descendant of the Roman general who claimed to be you at the Battle of Corinth.” […]


A Mess of Mythic Proportions, Part I

“What the hell did you just say to me?” I screamed, losing the ability to control my temper. “I don’t give a satyr’s ass what Zeus and Hera intend to do. I want that office locked up, the body secured, and Hera needs to be briefed.” […]


The Franklins, Part II

“I won’t let some bitch talk to me like that. The only reason we came to you is that you’re so highly recommended. I would have rather gone to see a man. Let’s go, Meredith!” […]


A Goddess’s Rights

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a tell-all book about my life. I think it’s something the mortals will enjoy, while reminding them of who I am and why they need me.” […]


An Agreement Between Gods

I still hear gods and mortals whispering about your little tryst with our resident beauty queen. The world may forget a lot of things about us, Ares, but never the really juicy stuff.” […]


The Awakening

I know you probably think it odd that a god or goddess should find anything of interest to learn from you mortals. But I’ve found that wisdom can come from anywhere. […]