That Night in Paris…

She pulled me toward a bench, and we sat down and gazed at the night sky. “I can’t wait to grow old with you,” she sighed, putting her head on my shoulder. […]


What Price Mortal Love?

Nudging the door open with my foot, I listened for noises, but heard nothing. I quietly moved through the foyer and into the living room. My heart dropped into my stomach. It couldn’t be… […]


What’s Your Alibi?

Dad paced the floor on the opposite end of his office from the body. I’m sure he was wondering what Mother was going to say when she found out about this. She’d either give him an alibi or hang him out to dry. […]


Date Night Never Ends Well

I studied the scorch mark and my blood ran cold. It was a pattern I had seen one too many times in my immortal life. Turning around, I looked at him. “What did you do?” […]


Checking In

When I got back, repair orders were piled high on Heph’s desk. I don’t know what Charlie and his crew did while I was gone, but it wasn’t work, that’s for damn sure. […]


Nana Hera Saves the Day, Part I

She smelled like a pine forest. She smelled like fresh fallen snow on a winter evening, like right after a rainstorm on a summer afternoon, like roses on their first day of bloom… […]


Missed Opportunity

Dugo, the neighbor’s Manx, had come for a visit during the night and was now hunched over, sides contracting like an accordian, as he prepared to hack up a hairball onto my new Persian rug. […]


Broken Hearts in Paris…

It was rare that I ran into a woman I had spent time with on my travels. Even more unusual that I remembered any of them at all. But Cassie…she was different. […]