House of the Rising Sun

The air will be filled with the honeyed tones of the beautiful, and the words will be given life by those who weave their art upon the stage. Any drink a man could imagine will flow from our kegs. […]


Love’s Radiance: Part I

I found that the best way to be beautiful and mysterious at the same time was to go undercover. I found my love for singing in a little club in Paris, and Maria was born: a sexy, redheaded broad who frequents many clubs to perform. […]


Doxxing Olympus, Part II

Wanting to impress his lover, young Hyacinth ran after the discus that Apollo threw—trying to catch it with his speed. A wind did blow and affected the trajectory of the discus. […]


The Journey Begins

A job! I groaned as I returned from a visit to dear old Dad at Mount Olympus. I should’ve known the moment he summoned me to the court that there was going to be some […]