Some Like It Hot

Oh wow! These comments on our YouTube videos?! 

“Princessghoshi” claims I am “guilty of cultural appropriation”! 

“LilyB” wants to know where she can buy my outfit, and “sparkyphd” thinks my dress would make his girlfriend look “hot” for Halloween! 

Hot? Let’s be real; I wear the dresses that I do because it is hot; not because I want to be hot. There’s always something to learn with these mortals. Speaking of which, what is this Halloween thing I keep hearing about, and why in the world am I being accused of cultural appropriation? This is how I dress every day! It’s how I’ve dressed for thousands of years; yet, how would they know? Hahaha…joke’s on them! 

You know, I’m tired of spending so much time and energy learning their ways. I was summoned here to work among them. I am supposed to be teaching them my ways. But what do I get? Mocked. Truthfully, I’m torn between wanting to be loved and wishing I could banish some of these asses. 

Oh well, I need to shake it off and figure out why sparkyphd wants me to give his girl my dress for Halloween. Forget that, I think I’ll wear the dress myself. It is a great dress. What I need to do is learn about Halloween. Let’s face it, I was invited to a party, and if the desired dress isn’t good enough for the party, maybe it will be for the art opening tomorrow. Seriously, all this fuss about a dress when both the invitation and posters have masks on them. I know the internet has some answers. 

And it does, but I’m beginning to think these mortals either misunderstand the celebration or are determined to break tradition. And they’re accusing me of cultural appropriation…now that’s funny! 

In any case, costumes seem to be a big deal, and I have no idea where to begin. I really dig the masks on the ‘Day of the Dead’ posters. My friend, Gwen, told me those are called sugar skulls, but what kind of dress goes with it? I wonder if she would mind coming over and helping me with this. 

Ha! She’s amazing. I just texted her and she’s already answered with “on my way.” 

Until she gets here, I wonder what kind of outfits are recommended for sugar skulls and Halloween. Geez, the costume suggestions are endless! 

These recommendations are wild. They look like they’ve just eaten fresh meat…It seems they’re called zombies. 

Hmmmmm, these guys on this page are missing a body part of two…weird… 

Here we go, just found the ones labelled “hot”. Ok, so that’s what ‘hot’ means…sexy?! 

Hold on…this page has a bunch that look like characters I’ve seen in movies and books: a ghost, vampire, Spongebob Squarepants, Barney the purple dinosaur, a witch…a witch? They think that’s what a witch is supposed to look like? Circe, the Goddess of Magic, is the original witch | enchantress | sorceress, and she looks nothing like this internet witch. Not to mention, Circe’s not evil; she just has a knack for adjusting someone’s vibe, ready or not. 

Well, that’s the way I see it and will hold that thought because… 

“Hey Gwen! It’s good to see you! Come in and let me get you something to drink.” 

“No, and thank you! Actually, I should be asking you that question! I brought some wine; would you like a glass?” 

“That sounds good to me!” 

“So, what’s going on with you? Are you having second thoughts about the party? Do you still want to go to the art opening tomorrow?” 

“Yes, and yes! I know a party is what I need, but I don’t know how to dress for it.” 

“Well, luckily there’s no dress code for the art opening. That’s just a wine and cheese party with Day of the Dead art on display.” 

“Then why are there masks on the poster?” 

Clearly, my question puzzled Gwen. “What do you mean?” 

“I thought the poster was suggesting we had to dress up.” 

“No, they’re just dressing up the poster. What do you want to be for the party?” 

“Now I’m confused…” 

“Let me ask that another way. What would you like to wear to the party?” 

“I was thinking THIS dress!” 

“Well, that’s an option, but you always dress like that. Halloween is about pretending you are something or somebody else.” 

“Cool! How about Circe the Enchantress…” 

“Panacea, are you talking about the Goddess?” 

“Yes, and then the enchanting La Calavera Catrina. What about you?”


“You know, La Calavera Catrina; the Lady of the Dead…from Mexican lore.” 

“Wow! You’ve really done your research, but I don’t understand what you mean by ‘and’? You can’t wear two costumes.” 

“Sure I can. I’ll be Catrina for the art opening, and Circe for the Halloween party. It actually sounds like a lot of fun pretending to be somebody else for a while.” 

“I couldn’t agree more!” 

“So why not go all out? Instead of masks, we’ll use makeup and let’s be real, we have the dresses!” 

“But Gwen, you didn’t answer my question. What about you? What do you want to be? Will you be a sugar skull with me?” 

“Oookay, but then I don’t know about the Halloween party. As you were mentioning dresses, I immediately thought of Myrna Darby from the Ziegfeld Follies. There’s something about her that has always intrigued me. Do you know who she was?” 

“No, but there’s always the internet!” 

“Panacea, we can do that later. Let’s go through some of these dresses and get ready for tomorrow.” 

“Oh yeah, two ‘hot’ sugar skulls…ready or not!” 


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