She Sheds and Sex Strikes

Nyx was right. The mall had a post-Mother’s Day fire sale on chocolates! I picked up three boxes of truffles and one of dark chocolate-covered fruit and Segwayed to her domain for a girls’ night in.

She’s created a “she shed” which is super-cool. It’s like this warm, cozy place for women to hang out and do mortal things. It’s velvety dark and cozy. Screens were everywhere. That’s her new obsession. She wanted to finish up on her Tweeter, so she turned the news on to entertain me while I waited.

I opened up the chocolates and was arranging them into a cool fortress when I heard something funny. I looked up at the screen, but I couldn’t make sense of it.

“What’s a sex strike?” I asked.

Nyx rolled her eyes. “You know when a …”

I cut her off. “You don’t have to explain sex to me.” Everyone talks down to me because I’m a virgin goddess. No one stops to wonder if maybe that’s why I’m so wise. “I want to know what this sex strike is.”

Nyx put down her phone and peered up at the screen. A dark-haired woman was holding a press conference. “Oh, Alyssa Milano.”

“Who’s that?”

“A former child star and television witch. She’s very into politics.”

“I like politicians.” After all, I am the mother of democracy, protector of cities. Politicians and I have a lot of common interests.

Nyx looked at me sadly. “You wouldn’t like these mortal politicians. They’ve passed some very controversial laws. The TV witch wants women to stop having sex with men until those laws are repealed.”

“Like Lysistrata!


I chuckled, imagining mortal politicians walking around with painful boners like the men in Aristophanes’s play. “What on earth did they do to deserve that kind of punishment?”

Nyx looked at me strangely. “You don’t watch the news?”

I shrugged and popped a truffle in my mouth. “I work most of the time. When I’m not working, I want to chill out. All this screen stuff mortals use seems like noise. I like my solitude and being alone with my thoughts.”

“These screens are a window into what these mortals care about,” Nyx explained. “Like my Twitter.” I made a mental note not to let her know I called it Tweeter. “You should really pay more attention.”

Nyx turned off the news and turned on Game of Thrones. “Lots of darkness here,” she grinned. “I want to get you caught up before it ends.”

It was entertaining, but all the battles were sloppy. “These commanders must draw inspiration from Ares,” I chuckled. “You know nothing about military strategy, Jon Snow!”

I wanted to hang out longer, but I’ve got an early shift at the mall tomorrow. As I hugged Nyx goodnight, she whispered in my ear, “Pay attention.”

I will, Nyx, I promise.

Pallas Athena

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Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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Kristi Casey Sanders is thrilled to give voice to Athena. Like the goddess of war and wisdom, Kristi lives a dual existence: Mother/business strategist by day and novelist during all those hours when she should be sleeping. She’s published history and business books, and has just completed her second sci-fi novel. In a past life, she helped found a rugby football club in New York City, got paid to perform improv comedy in Amsterdam, and broke the hearts of now-famous men. She’s a supporter of the #WritingCommunity and a frequent #vss365 contributor. Never give up. Never stop fighting. #YouGotThis
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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  1. Whoa! That was harsh! My battles look much better than those on that GoT show. I don’t use a dragon to take out innocent people, either. Innocents are totally out-of-bounds. Never kill anyone with no weapon. Give me some credit for having a heart!

    Can I attend the next girls’ night in? *wiggles his eyebrows and smiles sweetly*


    • Dear brother Ares:

      If memory (and your bio!) serves, you look down upon my strategic approach to warcraft and favor the emotional approach to conquest. You might not personally approve of their conduct, but I’ve seen many men inspired by your emotion-first approach to battle overcome by rage and unable to control their baser instincts, and that’s resulted in war crimes and lots of rape-y behavior. You won’t find that kind of behavior among my regimented battalions and cool-headed commanders. But I’d say Danny was in full-on Ares bezerker mode when she torched King’s Landing.

      But just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two faces of war, and each needs the other. Without the strategy I provide, there’s just a lot noise before defeat. Without the passion you provoke, there’d be wars that last far too long. I respect and love you brother, even if we tend to agree to disagree.

      And I don’t know if I want you at a girls night in. I don’t know if I want to be at another girls night in … too much stinky lacquer and bewildering unguents, but I’d love to go ranging with you again. Let’s grab Nike and Arte and go hunting!

      Pallas Athena

  2. Athena, love how you’re getting caught up on everything mortal including Game of Thrones. And I’m with you 100% percent GoT could draw inspiration from Mount Olympus!

    • Arte!

      I’m so glad you’re back. I need your help planning the games and competitions for my upcoming Panathenea birthday celebration. Also … do you want to go hunting with me, Ares and Nike? I’m trying to get a fun group outing together.

      Pallas Athena

      • Arty is always up for hunting trips, sis Athena. And yes I’m always up for planning your birthday celebration!

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