Prometheus’ Promise

Let’s be honest, that last century wasn’t the best. You, humanity, found a way to bring murder to new heights. I haven’t seen Ares in a few millennia, but he’s gotta be putting on some weight. I can see why so many of you are upset, but look at this from the big picture: your power now rivals the Gods.

The Titans took reality from the Primordials because there were more of us, and they underestimated us. The Titans lost reality to the Gods because there were more of them, and they could reproduce. I knew then that there would be a force greater than Gods, and it’s you.

I’ve always had a love for humanity in a way that goes beyond reproduction and numbers. There’s a sad truth about the Pantheon, we can’t change. We can change our gender, form, or disposition, but we can’t change the way that you can. You’ve made an advancement that no other being had ever done, you’ve changed what you’re capable of.

You’re all proud of your electricity, as well you should be, but there will be a greater achievement than your internet, and I think Zeus knows it. He’s always been scared of you, and I put that fear in his head. He’s tried to influence you through Demi-Gods and that didn’t work. Now he’s trying to relate to you through the internet, and it won’t work. He’s like a millionaire getting a part-time job, he’ll never know what makes you powerful. He’ll never understand what you’re capable of.

I thought I knew, but learning about your history has opened my eyes. The greater your power becomes, the greater travesties you commit. One day you will cleave a planet in two. This is the power of your tribes, the strength of your civilizations.

But I fear this won’t come to pass.

I gave you fire to work together, to fight adversities wherever you find it. I thought that your growth would be limitless, but now that I’ve returned to your world, I’m starting to doubt that. Your tribes are weakening. Your boarders are turning into symbols your own people don’t believe in. Your currency is losing its importance. Simply, you are becoming a mob.

This will not do.

I didn’t throw my eternity away for you to forget what makes you strong. You have tended the fire well, but you take it for granted. I will break a hole into your furnaces if I have to, just to make the fire breathe.

I’m making you a promise, humanity, I will get you back on track.

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  1. Dear god-father Prometheus:

    I am so glad that you are here to help us breathe wisdom back into these people that you and I brought into being. However you need my help, I am here for you.

    Pallas Athena

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