Point of Origin

All week, I looked forward to my housewarming party. I wish I could give you the deets. But it was so epic that…no one remembers what happened. 

For reals. 

We ate, drank, and somehow, a nearby hilltop caught flame. Not sure what else transpired (I think Urania was stress-eating cake in my closet?), but from the debris, I could tell that we had a massively fun time.

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to extract the info I wanted about my mom from Nike at the party. But I did have a dream about Metis that night.

It started off innocently enough. Nike and I were running through a field, side by side. We were children.
She stopped suddenly. “Did you hear that?” she asked, eyes wide.
I listened. “Is that someone crying?”

“Or screaming,” Nike said. “Let’s see what’s wrong.”

We ran to the mouth of a cave. Waters, in streams both crystal blue and dark red, flowed out of the cave to feed the mouth of a great river. Why is one stream red? I wondered. The two streams didn’t mix as water did. A path of blood flowed from the river’s mouth clear to the sea.

I heard Nike cry out. “No, Daddy, no!”

I ran into the dark cave to find my friend. She stood frozen, tears pouring down her cheeks.

I followed her gaze and felt ice form in my veins.

There are two things that anger me. People with power taking advantage of those who have none. And sex when it’s used as a weapon. I’ll spare you the details of what I saw in the cave. But central to the vision was the titan Pallas striking out on both counts.

Until I heard Nike call out “Daddy,” I’d forgotten her true parentage. She’d been a ward of Zeus and Hera for so long, I’d forgotten that she was the daughter of that titanic spear-thrower.

In the dream, I slew Pallas to save the ocean nymph he abused. After hurling him into the depths of the cave, I helped the nymph to stand. As she grasped my arm, I noticed a ring she wore. It was an owl. The same ring Nike gave me for my birthday. It’s the only thing of my mother’s that I own. 

“Metis?” I asked. “Mom?”

She opened her mouth, but bees flew out.

I woke up, sitting bolt upright.

Mr. Hoots startled from his perch. “Whoot?” he asked, concerned.

“I wish I knew, old friend. Was it a dream? Or a vision?”

Pallas…and Metis? What does this mean?

The thought of Pallas being my true father made my skin crawl. But stranger things have happened. There was only one being who could tell me the truth. And I finally knew where he was.

“Suit up, Mr. Hoots,” I said. “We need to pay my godfather a visit.”

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Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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Kristi Casey Sanders is thrilled to give voice to Athena. Like the goddess of war and wisdom, Kristi lives a dual existence: Mother/business strategist by day and novelist during all those hours when she should be sleeping. She’s published history and business books, and has just completed her second sci-fi novel. In a past life, she helped found a rugby football club in New York City, got paid to perform improv comedy in Amsterdam, and broke the hearts of now-famous men. She’s a supporter of the #WritingCommunity and a frequent #vss365 contributor. Never give up. Never stop fighting. #YouGotThis
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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