Poetry After Dark: Staff Meeting

I stepped into her office down the hall,
All unprepared for that which was in store,
A simple meeting that she chose to call;
(But once I entered swiftly locked the door)

She came to me, desire on her face,
And I reached out to answer that desire,
That’s how we learned each other’s touch and taste;
With fingertips and tongues we lit our fire.

We lay across the desk: I made her mine.
Each shiver, gasp and sound a tiny tell,
That marks the beat and helps us keep in time,
And so we danced the dance we know so well.

Skin sweating, pressing, calling out for more,
Till everything is scattered to the floor.

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Erato (The Poet)

Erato (The Poet)

OG | Staff Writer
Erato is currently manifesting as a sexy wordsmith and voice artist from down under. You can read (or listen) to more of his work on his website, and be sure to follow him on twitter. | Original God (OG) - Charter member of All in the Pantheon |
Erato (The Poet)

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Erato (The Poet)

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