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“The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel.” – Teddy Roosevelt

Physical Appearance =

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: Disheveled Sandy Blonde Curly Hair, Backpacks and REI

Facial Hair: Little scruff

Eyes: A green and blue eye, wears headphones with two antennas

Distinguishing Features: Lots of body hair

Family =

Parents: Penelope (mother), Hermes (Father) 

Siblings:  Sister – Circe

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Professions =

Wherever there’s a cause, you will probably find Pan close by. Whether is gender or sexual equality, climate, or animal rights, he’s impassioned in making change. At other times, he may work as a tour guide in nearby national forests or renting out his home in the Colorado Mountains as an Airbnb with the explicit instructions, “feed Rufus, he only eats steak and eggs.

= Residence =

A small, 2 bedroom cabin in the Colorado Mountains.

= Personal Information =

General Overview: So much time has passed since I left Arcadia, but the beauty I found here in the mountains of Colorado, in its streams and woodlands are I’m comparable to anything I knew before. The western frontiers, the expansions of Olympus reached the very edges of each civilization and I have found my serenity in the solitude of these forests with my dog Rufus. Travel, climbing and exploring still take up most of my days, but I always listen to hear what help I can provide. I spend a lot of time with people, trying to show them what I value, learning what they love, and fighting alongside them to protect this beautiful place. 

Nicknames: N/A

Likes: Animals, beautiful scenery, granola, north face, REI, my headphones, folk music – currently listening to Brandi Carlile, and Sex

Dislikes: Animal cruelty, CEO’s, capitalism, goat cheese, satanist (only for their depiction of a goat like god, not their values) and TV

= Flaws / Weaknesses =

If I had a weakness, it would be that sometimes I care too much for those I know will leave. Mortality hurts, but as the cycles turn, my options are never bare for things or people to fall in love with all over again.

= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality: Technically immortal and immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-Speak: strong affinity for understanding animals, and can speak with them telepathically

Glamour / Shapeshift: spending so much time with humanity, he’s learned to hide his hooves and horns

Persuasion: when playing his music, he can persuade others to be more amenable to his will 

Growth: Can revitalize or grow anything decaying or dying, but dead is dead. He can also enhance the speed of growth of anything biological.

= Personal Attire =

Normal Daily Wear: Depends on the activity, but almost always has his backpack with him as well as his headphones, a loose button-up shirt, and pants or shorts with lots of pockets.

Alternative Dress Wear: N/A

= Magical Artifacts/Weapons =

Magical headphones, and a flute shaped necklace that can expand in size, made of bone.

= Historical Synopsis =

Pan is most commonly depicted as part man, part goat. He is the god of wild groves and is often depicted as a fairly amorous god, most notably chasing the nymph Syrinx into a Marsh where she transformed into reeds, which he cut down and fashioned himself his often recognized panpipes. Echo was another nymph he set his eye on. She was a singer and dancer and in some version had a love for no man, in others, was infatuated with Narcisse. As is often the case with Greek gods, Pan got jealous and had her torn to pieces and spread across the earth, and the goddess of Earth Gaia received her and let her voice carry on in the song and words of all living things.

Pan is one of the very few gods that is actually referenced in mythology as having died. The Egyptian sailor Thames sailed across the sea to Greece during the rise of the Christian church, and Paul’s many writings of the letters in the New Testament, and as he came near the western shores he heard a divine voice say “The great god Pan is dead.”

He is certainly not often depicted as one of the primary gods or Olympus, as was not worshipped in Athens until the Battle of Marathon. His original home was Arcadia where he was worshipped and he served as a god of the wild, nature, shepherds and flocks, mountains, and often associated with masculine fertility and sexuality. In some other cultures, he is compared to the horned god worshipped still today in many Wiccan and Pagan practices, but his qualities are not directly attributed to the horned god aside from his appearance and affinity toward wildlife.

Source: Metamorphoses by Ovid ISBN: 978-0140447897

Plutarch’s “The Uselessness of Oracles”

= Introduction =

Introduction written by Rhett Martens

My past has many colors, from the brights of my achievement at the Battle of Typhon to the darks of my grossly mischaracterized reputation of chasing nymphs, one of which is “Echo”, who still haunts me today as I hear her across the mountains of Colorado. My past does not define me. Even back then, I was more progressive in regards to consent than some of the perverts that wrote about me. It shouldn’t surprise anyone though, considering what you can find on the internet nowadays (bahhh).

Humanity suits me, and I barely remember those days in Arcadia, as I’ve seen the world flourish into something I’ve grown to like much better. Money doesn’t mean much when you’ve seen it collapse whole civilizations as many times as I have. All I need is available to me, so I often give back, fighting alongside those protecting their sexual rights and seek to be givers and not takers of the earth. 

It’s become a bit cliché, but I was the original vegan, but my dog Ralph is still a dog and eats steak and eggs every morning. I cheat sometimes too, but hey, I’ve earned it and I only eat consenting cheese.

Aside from my many hobbies, I typically act as a nature guide in the U.S. National Parks, and when Uncle Dionysus is in town, tour with him for a bit to inspire new music. Woodstock, that was my idea or fault depending on how you feel about it. 


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