Only the Shadow Knows

This ‘fitting in’ gig is harder than I imagined. While it makes perfect sense to meet mortals on their level, the collective human mindset interferes with your ability to see anything beyond. As a Demi-God, I was brought here to influence your belief system; yet, my shape-shifting abilities are only as good as the way you ‘see’ me. In other words, you value the word of physicians over your own insight. This means, you see me as your doctor, not as a guide.

If you haven’t seen my bio page yet, my shape-shifting abilities are influenced by your perception of me. Because I show up as a physician says a lot as I am the Goddess of the Universal Remedy…a cure-all, according to current definitions…which says a lot about the stories you believe. Trust me, I mean no disrespect; yet, when the answer to your prayers is another person rather than an internal shift in perspective, I’m left feeling puzzled about the best way to serve you and fulfill the expectations of Zeus.

As a Demi-God, I feel for you. As a Goddess, I can’t help but wonder…what in the name of Hades are you thinking? You used to have the power to alter your experiences. In all honesty, you still do; yet, allow yourselves to be swayed with fabricated stories of defect and dysfunction. 

I am not here to fix what ails you! I am here to remind and teach you.

How do I do this when the majority of you seek to be told what to do?!

As I sit here, looking out of the radio station, I can see several signs around town with the simple statement: ‘resist’. Dare I ask, what are ‘we’ resisting?

As mortals, it seems we want to be told what to do in nearly every area of life, including health, and at the same time, demand our independence. How ironic, given the United States is about to celebrate their ‘Independence Day’?! Talk about dichotomy! Is there any reason to doubt we live in the land and time of confusion?

As the Goddess of Universal Healing/Remedy/Cure-all, I’m here to eliminate the empty concept of a ‘one-size-fits’ all remedy. No Such Thing exists. How did this shift even happen? Quite honestly, the answers any of us seek come from within; yet, when our perception of healing places responsibility on an outside person, I shudder, and wonder about what I need to do next to help you.

It seems mortals value their current technology over their connection to the Gods. Oddly, this was the belief of the ancient Greeks. Illness and disease, at the time, were the result of defying the Gods. Without question, modern day illness is rampant. Every other person I meet has some type of diagnosis. Well, maybe not everyone; yet, who’s to say who’s being forthcoming with their health issues?

As an equal, it’s difficult to offer insight and quite honestly, I despise the idea of looking like a physician!

Historically, physicians relied on the insights of the patient. Today, those insights are discarded. Mortals view doctors as the answer to their prayers with the answers being an action.

Therefore, my mission is to redirect the current mindset to be not only an internal perspective but unique as everyone is different.. How do I do this? How do I impart wisdom as today’s mortal are swarmed with so much information?! Without question, patient compliance is at an all-time high! Centuries ago, mortals truly sought healing; today it seems, they simply seek relief, and who could blame you given the current state of tension?!

Emotional and physical pain are the worst! And, your discomfort pains me!

I recently had a gentlemen come to me for assistance. He was an older mortal with a bit of sexual and cardiovascular dysfunction. Without question, both issues arise from the same physiological issues; yet, I knew there was more.

As I visited with him, he shared stories of dislike and distrust of himself and others. I couldn’t help but hear lack of self-love; however, he had no use, according to him, for my solutions. So many mortals wish to control everything that’s outside of them and in turn, have the exterior world be their saving grace. Again, interesting dichotomy…

Nevertheless, I delicately pointed this out to him. He vehemently resisted, wanting me to give him the solution he needed to quell his problems. I did no such thing, nor did I have a cure-all for him. Curatives do not heal. Only a person getting right within themselves opens the doors to fixing what ails them.

While Zeus may taunt mortals with the internet and other modern technology, the purpose is simply contrast. Why aren’t you getting this? Why are you mesmerized by the ability to think? Thinking does not constitute knowing.

The dilemma is real. Contrast creates vision, when allowed. What is it that you want? What is it that you don’t want? Maybe it’s time to do the opposite of what you’ve been told is right, a.k.a. correct. I realize this post has a lot of questions; yet, I am curious. What is the best way to influence mortal behavior?

This week’s radio show is about contrary action. All too often, human actions mirror that of another. I’m here to say…do the opposite. Not because it’s the right way, but because it helps you step away from the herd mentality that enslaves you into a belief system designed to undermine your physical abilities to heal and withstand the test of time.

And so it goes, I’ve been invited to a new moon gathering this coming Tuesday. My new friends tell me it’s an opportunity to release toxic energy and experience a heightened level of independence and self-expression; in other words, it’s supposed to be a healing experience. Clearly, I’m in since I’m here to participate as much as I am to teach.

Until I fill you in on my healing experience…here’s to your wellness!


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Panacea (Tammy Davis)

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  1. It seems we have similar views. I’ve flown under the radar, quietly planting ideas in the hopes that mortals would realize their own powers and create their own destinies. Instead, they create new gods to submit to.

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