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Wisdom from Retired Scribe – 06/02/2019 – 09/15/2019
There is one my scribe always uses that I quite like: Always Keep Fighting

Physical Appearance =

Height: 6′

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hair Color: Shaggy  light brown hair

Facial Hair: Some scruff

Eyes: Magnificent light brown but when I’m angry, they flash gold

Distinguishing Features: No marks, just beautiful smooth skin

Family =

Parents:  Zues and Leto

Siblings: Artemis is my twin sister and the rest of Zeus’ kids are my step brothers and sisters. 

Spouse: Never been married, but I have loved at times.

Children: Too many

Professions =

I’m a bit of a rock star now. My band name is called The Hyacinths. We tour for most of the year. I do better versions of your favorite songs. Trust me. When I’m not touring, I hang with the fam, though I haven’t given Arty enough time lately. I do miss her.

= Residence =

I bounce from Hollywood and New York and sometimes Paris. Nothing steady.

= Personal Information =

General Overview: My day to day is pretty simple. Simple for a god, that is. We travel from gig to gig, usually with a big entourage. I’ve always got a few groupies around me. We play our gig at night and pack up and head to the next gig. I love what I do, but I do miss hanging around the fire with the fam. 

Likes: My music, my family, hunting with Arty. I mean she is the only one who is as good as I am with a bow. 

Dislikes: Bullies, cheats, and those that step on others to make themselves higher.

= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality: Apollo is technically immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak: Apollo can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Music God: I am able to hear any and all thoughts involving music, and separate/process it all. I can also give or take away the ability to have perfect pitch and control. I can feel the emotion put behind music and truly understand it properly. 

Instrumental Apparitions: I can create perfectly in tune instruments of any design or make, with a single thought. However if I don’t bless you, said instruments will play out of tune, and will always be out of tune, no matter how much work is done on them. 

Arcane Theory: Yep, that’s right, I can wield magic. Usually, I only use it to heal or hurt someone, but I have been known to have a party trick or two up my sleeve. 

= Personal Attire =

Normal Daily Wear: I’m either in jeans, with or without a shirt and a leather jacket or a nice suit.  

Alternate Dress Wear: No alternate clothes, just those mentioned above

= Magical Artifacts/Weapons =

I had my brother, Heph, turn my golden bow into a small pendant for a necklace. If I need it, I just tap on it and it comes to full size. It’s pretty dope. He also turned my sword and shield into a wristband, and my lyre into a glass guitar that sparks when I play it, like a plasma globe. 

= Historical Synopsis =

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and twin brother to Artemis. He is the god of the sun and music, among other things. Apollo and his sister are known as the gods of the bow and arrow, and no one is as good as shot as they are. He is the patron deity of Delphi and is considered an oracular god. 
Apollo is the god of mousike, therefore he resides over music, dance, and poetry. He also created string music, and a lyre was never too far from his reach. He is the protector of the young, and children’s health and education concern him. He was a powerful god and could heal just as fast as he could hurt. 
He has loved many but never married. Whether it was Daphne getting turned into a laurel tree, or the accidental death of Hyacinth by a discus, Apollo has never really been lucky in love. He killed the creature Python, a son of Gaea because he tormented his mother, Leto. After he killed Python, Apollo had to create and watch a set of games, which was called the Pythian Games, which later turned into what we now know as the Olympics. 

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= Introduction =

Introduction written by Chris Smolinski

Dear Mortals,

It is I, your sun god, Apollo. The god of music, of poetry, of archery, of…ugh, I could go on and on. Let’s just say, I’m the god of everything awesome. I am one of the most loved and most revered gods. Or at least I used to be. There are stories that paint me as a bad guy, and well, I used to be. I used to make fun of other gods and mortals alike. 

I’ve had time to think about my ways, both the good and the bad. I thought maybe it was time for a change. No more picking fights with the gods and challenging mortals to music battles. I’m a new man. My beautiful niece, Clio, even noticed that her uncle was different. I’ll paraphrase her, “You’re not as much of a dick as I remember.” Something along those lines, anyway. And I am not a dick. Don’t get me wrong: if you cross me, immortal and mortal alike, the dick will come out…wait, that sounded wrong. Let me try that again: if you cross me, I will have to put you in your place, but I no longer go looking for it. 

This final paragraph is for my family, especially my sister, Artemis. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly. It has been some time since I was home, and to get all the warmth that I did, makes this sun god shine just a little brighter. I cannot wait to work alongside all of you. 

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