Nike’s Diary #4 – Flying Like Icarus

Dear Diary: Prometheus finally called in. He was in hiding from Dad. He called because he wanted to go up in an airplane, and he wanted me, Mistress Moxie, and Aphrodite to go with him. Now, I had thought about it many times. But I have wings and can fly anytime I want, but I did want to see why the mortals loved to be confined in a small space. I decided it would be fine. It took some convincing to get Mistress Moxie to come, but she came.

Once we all were aboard, it was a bit unsettling. The rumble of the engine sounded very loud to my Goddess ears. The small shake of the jet as it raced down the runway for takeoff made me nervous. Pierre said to hold on because it might be a bit bumpy. I think I ripped the armrest a bit from holding on so tightly. Once we were in the air, Pierre said for us to feel free to move around the cabin.

I undid the seat strap and stood up right away.

“Nike, your wings, sweetheart,” Moxie said as I bumped her in the face.

“Sorry, trying to get my balance.” I brought my wings back in close to me. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to bring my wings all the way into my body as I normally would have. I guess I just was too excited.

Moxie had found a pretty blond to inhabit, and I knew she was only there because I really wanted to go. I smiled at her; she returned the smile. Aphrodite was beautiful as always, wearing a golden evening gown. The plane was a small private jet: wood interior with a bar and a very large TV screen. The seats were covered in tan leather. I liked that because it was very soft.

Pierre asked Prometheus and I to come to the front to try and fly the plane. OH, MY GODS!! I jumped up and rushed to the cockpit. The buttons and lights that were on the dash like console were simply eye opening. To think this is what was controlling the plane and keeping it in the air. The captain showed me and Pro how each button worked. I couldn’t quite fit in the cockpit with my wings, so Pro got to sit in the captain’s chair. You should have seen his face. He was so happy, and his smile went from ear to ear. I was glad to see him smile like that again.

I heard the girls in the back start to argue, and I knew that couldn’t be good. I headed back towards them. Moxie said something, and Aph looked like she was about to hit her. I came up behind her to stop her, but she cut me short. “No, Nike! This needs to be said…” blah blah blah. All I could think was calm thoughts in hope to calm the room. The both of them were talking about Heph. Damn it! I hate this whole thing. I hate that Aphrodite is back because she makes Ares and Hephaestus upset. And with Heph and Mistress Moxie crushing on each other, it seems to me they would finally get a chance. But Aph showed up. I know it might be a good thing if they could reconcile their marriage, but then what about Moxie? Ugh, what am I going to do? I thought to myself, and then out of my mouth came, “I know where he is.” What the heck was I thinking?! I just betrayed the one God that always had my back. 

And now this lovely day has been ruined. I’m mad now. I wanted to stay in the air longer; I wanted to know how far the jet could go and how fast. But no, I had to help HER!! But am I also trying to help my brother? I want him to be happy. He makes everyone else happy by what he can make for them. He deserves to be happy. But with which of the ladies? Which one will he choose? This lovey dovey stuff is so difficult. I just don’t understand it.

(Editor’s note: To read this from Prometheus’ point of view, read Mocking Icarus, Part I. To read this from Aphrodite’s point of view, read Mocking Icarus, Part II)

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