Nary a Horn or Drum is Required

Nary a Horn or Drum is Required

Boy oh boy, the last couple of weeks have been both impressive and humbling!

As you may or may not know, Zeus asked a number of Gods and Goddesses to return and be a part of this mortal world. More specifically? Work. My intention? To ‘set some things straight’. As it turns out, I had my ass handed to me, first! While this may have been a complaint in previous centuries, trust me, it’s not now.

Upon my arrival, I was fixated on reclaiming my place in healthcare. I went to every pharmaceutical company and hospital board I could find. Nothing! As it turns out, even the Goddess of the Universal Remedy isn’t qualified to hold an executive position. Fortunately, I’m not one to victimize myself; so, I pressed on, transmuting each experience into a positive twist.

Are you aware of how much has changed over the centuries? It seems that now includes me!

During the times of the first Pantheon, Gods and Goddesses were revered, whether major or minor. As it goes, I was considered a Minor Goddess due to the fact that I am half mortal. Nevertheless, I was an important figure in the area of healing, as were my brothers and sisters. The Greeks and Romans even had Asclepeion temples built in my father’s honor, where people came for both spiritual and physical healing. As his attendant, I was also recognized in a number of them.

That was then; this is now. In those days, life was just ramping up. The best technology included gears, water clocks, the production of steam, rotary mills, bronze casting techniques, and if I’m remembering correctly, a torsion catapult. It’s fair to say that the people back then were more focused on developing their external world and the things they could control. Health, albeit good or bad, was something that happened to them and completely out of their control. Fast forward to 2019, and health is not only a big concern, it’s something mortals are willing to take responsibility for!

What’s worse (probably not the best word choice) is today’s society is very much a DIY culture. Trust me, it took me a minute before I could wrap my head around the meaning of those letters, as well as other terms, because even the way people choose to express themselves these days has changed.

The challenge I see with today’s culture is there is SO much information that not only generates mass confusion, it separates people and disconnects them from their true nature. It stands to reason that I initially saw this as an opportunity to ‘fix’ things; yet, today’s mortals struggle to trust anyone or anything unless they’ve received a paper that proves they made a concerted effort to uphold an ideology. In all honesty, who could blame them with the countless number of people claiming to be an expert or qualified representative in one way or another?!

Through all my failed attempts to find work, I also took the time to observe.

Times have indeed changed. Where mortals sought sanctuary outside themselves in ancient times, they’re now ‘being forced’ to look inward. The executive positions I was pursuing had more to do with upholding systems and belief systems rather than healing. Between this and the fact that mortals struggle with who and what to believe, I came to realize that bigger, higher and louder are not necessarily the best options, or for that matter, effective.

It seems my mission now is to connect and contribute through service rather than seek a position of authority.

There’s a saying these days, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. I interpret this as ‘be an influencer’: walk your talk and lead by example. This means it’s necessary for me to experience today’s world, work through the difficulties and share my stories. Therefore, I decided to serve tables at an upscale, hole-in-the-wall restaurant as well as be a DJ on the local radio station across the street.

The customers dining at the restaurant are impressively spiritual; holding terrific conversations and really enjoying their food and time. This alone is humbling. Mortals are more than capable of having a sanctuary experience outside of a temple. Between these encounters and the fact that the radio station supports free expression, it only made sense to sign up for my own time slot! It seems I have stumbled upon an opportunity to build on these observations with my own trials in order to serve a bigger cause: universal healing. Therefore, I decided to name the show ‘Remedial Mystic’, which combines talk and music as well as guest conversations. Tune in…

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Panacea (Tammy Davis)

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  1. I’ve seen already that the primary motivation for healthcare has become profit. That will be a hard nut to crack.

  2. Oh, honey, I can’t wait to hear your little voice on the radio. I think this is a great idea. I think you’ll be surprised by the number of people who are looking for more holistic methods of healing, as opposed to all those “manmade” creations.

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