The Olympus Administration Building, commonly referred to as “The OAB” or “Olympus Tower”, is a 112-story , 1476-foot (450 meter) skyscraper situated on the Olympus Administration Complex in Olympus, Greece.

The OAB, also, boasts 3 underground parking levels, 5 basement floors, and a sub-basement.

The total above ground floor area is 4,574,662 square feet (425,000 square meters) with a footprint of 225 ft (69m) on each side, the equivalent of an entire city block.

Although not the tallest building in the world, it easily eclipses the tower in Athens by nearly 350 meters. It’s superior height coupled by its high elevation ensures The OAB is the dominate structure on the horizon throughout the region.

Artist’s Conceptual Rendering of the Olympus Administration Building (The OAB)

Zeus‘s observation deck, called The Skydeck is situated on the 93rd floor at an elevation of 1,222 feet above ground level. From here, he can feel the change in the winds as the building sways and see far over the plains of Greece and the Aegean Sea.

= Lobby Overlook =

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= Ground Floor =

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= The Underworld =

Another important feature includes the subbasement located beneath a second foundation, known as The Styx, in which the Underworld can be accessed by Hades and its other resident deities.

Major sections of the Underworld include: Sulfur Springs Resort & Spa, Elysium Suites (Top Tier Suites), Apartments of Asphodel Meadows (Middle Tier Apartments), Mourning Fields and Mines, and Tartarus (Lower Tier Housing).

= Building Directory =

Floor No.NomenclatureCustodian
110Hera’s PenthouseHera
109Ever Faithful Marriage Counseling (HQ)
93The SkydeckZeus
92Mortal Resources AdministrationZeus
91Office of the CEOZeus
90Malakíes Marketing & Public Relations (HQ)Moxie
33A Starry Night Gallery (HQ)
Vital Touch Healing Parlor (HQ)
30Personal Residence Only Prometheus
29Nox Logistics (Closed Late June 2019; Re-opened August 2019)Nyx
28Olympus Administration Zoo (HQ)Circe
27Deity Aquires Felons (HQ)Dinlas
26Personal Residence Only Medusa
25Personal Residence Only Selene
24Personal Residence OnlyErato
23Personal Residence OnlyAthena
22Wares Security (HQ)Ares
21Divine Cuts (HQ) (Closed May 2019) Atë
20Personal Residence OnlyNemesis
19Personal Residence OnlyDionysus
18Personal Residence Only Eris
17Mount Olympus National Park Services (HQ)Artemis
16Personal Residence Only Nike
15The Mermaid’s Tale (HQ)Poseidon
14Erebus After Dark (DJ Booking Office)Erebus
13Satyr’s grove (HQ)Hecate
12Personal Residence Only Panacea
11Demeter Law Offices
Mortal Law Library
Olympus Law Library
10Mortal Resources OfficeOphelia
9Bloomin’ Good – All-Things Floral and Tea Shop (HQ)Chloris
8Heathfire Catering (Prep Kitchen)Hestia
7A-Harmony Soulmate Matching ServiceAphrodite
6House of the Fallen Sun (HQ)Apollo
1Hermes Mail Distribution CenterHermes
L2Lobby OverlookPublic
L1Ground FloorPublic
P1/M1Underground Parking Level 1
Boiler Room / Sulfur Generation
P2/M2Underground Parking Level 2
Water Supply / River Styx Source
P3/M3Underground Parking Level 3
Automaton R&D
M4Personal Quarters
OA Planning and Drafting
M5Power GenerationHephaestus

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