Love’s Radiance, Part II

Now, I’ve always been able to sense the music in people’s hearts. I can feel the emotions and feelings running through them. I know someone completely and utterly from the moment the think to show their talent. I can feel it throughout the world, and thank Zeus I’m a god, or I never would’ve been able to think straight with everybody who’s ever decided to sing going through my head, not to mention all their thoughts. Some people who feel it’s appropriate just before sex to think of how to match the song to the roughness of sex…WHY? I have to sit there and some small part of me has to genuinely contemplate whether or not you should hear Katie Perry as you go through foreplay, or as you actually penetrate your partner. Now while I’m all for music during sex, don’t stress it, your partner isn’t going to either, except for you, Kevin. Henrietta loves that song; keep at it, man. 

While it’s great, for the past 200 years or so, I’ve been hearing an interesting voice, that of another god who seems to have found her own love for singing. Aphrodite. I’ve seen her at clubs, I’ve checked in on her a few times without her even noticing. She always seems to go to some clubs in France, but I knew she thought it her little secret. I could feel it from her, her feelings and hiding. However, it’s not to say that she was embarrassed. It was an escape for her. Everyone has their own escapes, I have my…nightly romantic observations. However tonight, I felt something new from her. Something felt different; she wasn’t hiding tonight. Of course, she wasn’t expecting to be found, but I could tell tonight was unique. She wanted to shine, so I gave chase. I followed her to a club called Mystic and took my place in the audience, sitting towards the back at the bar. I took my time and truly heard her for what could have been the fifth time. I truly devoted myself to hearing her sing. Usually it was just a peek in, but today, it was genuine. I felt the meaning in her words, and couldn’t help but feel drawn in beyond what the tempo brought from my feet. I felt her intent, the depth of the lust and love in each word. Perhaps it was just my projection for my own desires, but I could swear I could truly see the love goddess far more clearly from the songs she sang than from her appearance.

I was drawn in more thoroughly than I’d like to admit honestly. I couldn’t help but move with her words, my emotions on a roller coaster behind her own. She was truly stunning that night, a beauty. My heart was set, and like a trap, I was ready to spring. When she came down off that stage, I saw my chance and took it. With a slow and self-assured gait, I pushed aside the foolish men who thought they stood a chance with her, and brushed against her gently, my voice soft but drawn out. “Hello Maria, or should I say…Aphrodite?”

My grin was a stark contrast to the wild room, it was neat and orderly in its own unique fashion. It was planned and rehearsed, pearly white teeth neatly glowing in the poor lighting of the club. “What are you doing here Apollo?” Her voice was firm, but I could feel the shock behind it.

“Enjoying some music, I am the god of music, or did you forget” My grin never faltered. 

“Well, of course I didn’t forget, but how did you find me?” Her anger was starting to come through, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Her flustered look was perfect, the drawn line of her lips and the hand to her hip in a stubborn stance.

“You sang…” A slight look of confusion crosses my face. “You truly forgot? I know all music, what you feel, what you think, who you are. I know people better than they could ever know themselves whenever they feel music.”

With a look of utter horror, her eyes caught mine. “Wait…every time I sing, you can tell?”

“Of course I’ve known. Every time in France, I could hear you.” I grin slightly as I begin to get into stride, watching the blush cross her face. “ Every…single…time…”

She bites her lip, and I can’t help but smirk at the reaction as her voice trembles slightly. “Are you gonna tell everyone?”

With a soft laugh, I can’t help but smirk. “Now why would I do that and deny myself the pleasure of watching you? I’d rather keep you to myself…my secret.”

“So… what happens now then?” 

“Nothing, of course. You continue singing, knowing every night you do, I’m there, and deep down, that I feel you. Knowing that every night, in a way, you are mine. Your voice comes from me in those moments.” I grin at the words as I say them, a confidence burning in me as I draw myself up and lean in close to her, the words drifting from my lips to corrupt her mind just a little bit.

Her eyes seemed to have drawn wider as my tirade went on, her perfect lips seeming to part slightly in shock. As my words come to an end, she seems to snap from a trance, standing abruptly, words spilling out in a flustered rush. “I…I’m needed on stage for the rest of my set.”

“Oh, but of course…” I grin softly and lean in, my breath hot along her neck as my lips brush along her fair skin, and I kiss softly against her bare neck before pulling back in a rush with a broad smirk. “Our little secret, dear.”

My smirk seems to glow brighter as a light gasp escapes her lips and her eyes widen, a quick step back becoming two as she turns to dart away, her face hidden as her eyes seem stuck to the floor. “Good luck…” The words are soft as I say them, my smirk becoming a smile as I watch her back. 

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