Lord, what fools these mortals be!

And yet, here am I, a fool right alongside them.

Zeus has mandated that his gods get jobs to reacquaint themselves with the lives of mortals. A hilarious undertaking that will amount to much amusement I am sure. After all, they have long believed themselves deserving of worship, and are on the whole, a rather dysfunctional lot. I should seriously consider becoming a therapist to the deities.

But it is the mortals we are here to discuss.

For my part, I never left them – the night has kept watch through the centuries. And how could I not, for the night is as present as the day. And as I tumbled with them under the stars, a funny thing came to pass. The invention of tiny devices that mortals spend half their waking nights staring at. Physical experiences no longer complete without the additional entry into the tiny glowing portal of virtual life.

And so I sought access to this new mysterious and essential part of mortal existence, in the form of a Twitter account. And oh the connections, the debauchery, the ignorance, the loneliness that came with it. How do they bear it? Disconnecting from those beside you, to connect with thousands more, but still ending up more isolated than before? A true curse of modern times.

But I am still learning – and having something new to learn is a fascinating prospect. The pitfalls are many, seeing only a persona, a shallow imprint of a true self, how does one know what is actually on the other side of the screen? How much of yourself do you give to the electronic void? I’m not sure the mortals know they answer. They often lament what they have spilled and cannot rebottle. But they are nothing if not tenaciously persistent.

So, in the dark of night, when mortals lie in bed, their faces aglow with artificial light, I will be there. Maybe right next to you, maybe in a virtual hug or a retweet. This fool’s errand, I will embrace, for there is always some lovely darkness to be found in the light.


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  1. Nyx:

    Do you know what I discovered yesterday? GIFs! They’re amazing! And emojis? And look at this: :p — that’s me sticking my tongue out. I like how these mortals have figured out how to insert emotions into written communications. Pretty clever.

    And I think you’d make a great therapist. After mothering thousands of children, you’ve had experience counseling all types!

    Pallas Athena

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