The Moirai

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The Moirai, are three sisters, also known as The Fates, they are permanently unvoiced.


Physical Appearance


Clotho – 5’8”

Lachesis – 5’11

Atropos – 5’5


Clotho – 143 lb

Lachesis – 161 lb

Atropos – 128 lb

Hair Color:

Clotho – Buttery blonde

Lachesis – Platinum blonde

Atropos – Sandy blonde

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Clotho – Sea-green

Lachesis – Steel blue

Atropos – Honey brown

Distinguishing Features

Clotho – Calluses on her palms, simplistic spool tattoo on her wrist

Lachesis – Unblemished skin, vitiligo – prominent across her shoulders, back, and neck

Atropos – Scarred fingers, one long scar down her left eye


Parents:Nyx [mother]

Siblings: Aether, Hemera, The Oneiroi, The Keres, The Hesperides, Hypnos, Thanatos, Geras, Momus, Moros, Eris (Prime), Nemesis, Apate, Oizys, Philotes, Astra Planeta, Eleos, Sophrosyne, Epiphron, Hybris, Anaidea, Epiales, Achlys, the Arai, Alastor, Aporia, the Maniai, Eurynomos, and the Nosoi

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A