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Mortal Scribe

J. Morgyn White

Wisdom of the Scribe

There is in certain ancient things a trace
Of some dim essence — 
More than form or weight;
A tenuous aether, indeterminate, 
Yet linked with all the laws of time and space.
A faint, veiled sign of continuities
That outward eyes can never quite descry;
Of locked dimensions harboring years gone by,
And out of reach except for hidden keys.” – H.P. Lovecraft

Physical Appearance =

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair Color: Black straight hair long to mid back. Bangs across forehead to eyebrows.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Black

Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of Crossed Keys on lower mid back.

Family =

Parents:  Zeus and Demeter

Siblings:  Persephone

Spouse: None –  Hermes, Helio as Consort

Children: Circe, Leto, Scylla, Aeëtes, Pasiphaë, Empusa

Professions =

Rents a SwapMeet booth for business called The Cross Roads which offers mystical guidance and sells charms and spells – offers help to humans for cash and a key.

Works Nights for a local Vet watching the overnight furry guests. Beast Caretaker.

= Residence =

A small crappy apartment with noisy A/C in North Las Vegas, NV

= Personal Information =

General Overview: Hecate is a loner, but now sent to the mortal plane intends to help those in need and lift up the spirits of the mortals. She has a deep understanding of animals of all kinds but especially connects with dogs. She takes  pleasure in collecting items for charm making and delights in adding keys to her collection. She loves to be under the night sky. She takes pleasure in lifting up mortals from their troubles, if they approach her with respect and reverence.

As a loner she doesn’t have regular interactions with gods or mortals. She appears standoffish unless she uses a glamor natural ability to make herself approachable. She is weak to true need and weak to a key with a past. She keeps her emotions in checking and is good at controlling her temper. She is generally benevolent but will not tolerate gods harming mortals for their pleasure. She does not appreciate being taken for granted.

Nicknames: Hecate, Hekate – Cate or Cat or Kate or Kat.

Likes: Moonlight, Dark Places, Cross Roads, Dogs, Coffee, Silver Rings, Keys, Graveyards

Dislikes: Crowds, Noise (unless music), Mundane stuff, being touched by mortals. 

= Flaws / Weaknesses =


= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality Hecate is technically immortal. She is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak –  Hecate can communicate in all languages and dialects.

Goddess of Magic – Can perform any ‘spell’ of mortal witchcraft and magic with success.

Shapeshifting – Three Forms – Hecate appears as one of three forms of an ordinary human when on the mortal plane, permitting her to blend in and interact with mortals. Her preference is her new moon form, but she can shift at will. Her other as the waxing – woman in the prime of life, or waning – the crone.  She will adopt one of the three forms to perform her Cross Roads callings. In times of stress she can revert to her deified form which has more ethereal smoke-like essence – less corporeal.

Clidomancy – Goddess powered version : Variously known as Clidomancy or Cleidomancy, this is a form of divination which uses a key to answer a variety of questions which may range from the identity of a future spouse, a thief as well as events in the future. 

Telepathy – Hecate can at will read the thoughts/intentions of a mortal. 

Call Animals – Hecate can call animals with a silent thought. A bonus for dogs, ravens, owls and night creatures. Extra bonus on Moon Phases.

= Personal Attire =

Normal Daily Wear: Black flowing garments/Dress/Skirt Possibly sleeveless dependent on weather.

Alternative Dress Wear: Tight fitting black street clothing, pants sleeveless black tank and black leather jacket with black boots.

= Magical Artifacts/Weapons =

Torch Bright – A magical flashlight that requires no battery and is full moon bright. Illuminates that which is hidden by mortal man.

Silver Key of Persephone – Holds her sisters’s key to the Underworld.

Dog Collar of Cerebus – Turns any god or goddess or mortal into a companion.

Vessel of Dinonysus – Never-ending supply of Pantheon quality wine of whatever type is wished for.

= Introduction =

Introduction written by J. Morgyn White

Midnight, my favorite time. Meet me at the crossroads and bring a flashlight, it’s dark out there. 

Scared of me, are you? Ha! They might have told you I play hard to get, maybe they even said I was dangerous, the truth is, you’ll only find out if you show up. Besides, what you expect is likely not what you’ll get. Any one of my three faces may terrify you—or enchant you. I might not even look human. I’m a Goddess and Queen of the Darkness, I don’t have to make decisions in advance.

Oh, one more thing. There will likely be dogs coming with us to revel under the stars. My voice is theirs and theirs mine, they are my faithful beasts. Don’t worry, I won’t let them rip your throat out. 

Parents? You decide what to call them: Titanes Perses and Asteria, or  Zeus and Demeter, or Aristaion and Night. What’s important is that my parents doted on their only child, granting me power over heaven, earth, and sea. If you are looking for help, I’ve got what it takes to defend and protect you. Night is not a problem. 

Come on, let’s go bask in the moonlight. I’ve got keys to open doors you can’t even see. Tonight, the moon is dark and it’s the best time to wander. 

Hecate, or Hekate is portrayed by the mortal @jmorgynwhite who holds a key and a torch and knows the way. Fingers powered by the magic of #writingarmor. #WritingCommunity #ThePantheon

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