Girls’ Night Out, Part IV The Stories Opinions Tell

It is super hard to concentrate with everybody talking to me at the same time. Allow me to rephrase that…singing at me. They’re actually speaking to me in song! 

I hear that owl again: “Whooooo are you? Who, who, who, who?” 

Without hesitation, I ask if he’s speaking to me and suddenly notice two little burrowing owls nodding at me. So, I tell everyone listening that my name is Panacea. The Great Horned Owl silently turns to look in the direction that the burrowing owls started flying and I hear: “Walk this way. You wanna talk this way.” 

I honestly don’t know what to think. As a matter of fact, I don’t have time to think. There is so much going on around me that I have to sit down and close my eyes. My head is spinning wildly. Am I going to puke? I can’t even catch my breath…. 

Innnnnnnnhale ……. 

Exxxxxxxxxhale …… 

And again; innnnnhale, exxxxxhale 

Opening my eyes, there they are, those damned burrowing owls nodding and singing “walk this way”. Apparently, this is happening?! Gathering myself up, I’m able to stand, but not so sure I want to follow them. 

“Where are we going?!” 

‘Walk this way. You wanna talk this way. Woo hoo!!! Huhuhuhuhu!” 

“Nooooo, I really don’t want to talk like you. I mean, you do sound as if you’re pretty happy about life, but I don’t believe your way is my way.” 

“Walk this way!” 

“Ok…I’m walking AND dare I say, talking to birds! Hehehe.” I have to admit; this is rather funny. First, I walk up on my Goddess-self talking with spiders and now this mortal creature is dialoguing with some owls. Well, I was, but it seems they’ve run out of things to say. Now they’re just hopping, bopping and stopping to check things out every so often. 

Look at them! Are we even in this together or did they lose me? 

“Hey wise guys! I’m over here!” 

“Yes, AND we believe you are being far too serious right now and might get hurt. Walk this way! You wanna talk this way.” 

“Look. I cannot hop, bop or fly like you, and…” 

They cut me off. 

“We’re not asking you to do and say as we do. We’re suggesting you BE more like us.” 

“What’s wrong with me being like me?” 

“You’re not really…” 

“No more! This is bordering on being an argument over opinions!!” 

Who the heck said THAT?! Glancing around I see a large shadow of a bird circling above us. 

“Are you another owl?” 

“No, I’m a turkey vulture.” 

“Ahh, haa…” 

Good lord, where is my Goddess self? All these years, I knew she existed within me and now we’re separated. How do I handle this…this night of talking to birds without her? The interesting thing is, we never spoke to one another before this evening. How do we reconnect? Do I need to take more mushrooms? Can somebody PLEASE tell me what to do?! 

As if I somebody had tapped into my thoughts, I hear: “Ssshhh…settle down and calm your mind.” 

“How can I with all these new experiences?” 

The vulture reminded me that I started this evening with the hopes of having a healing experience. 

“You are right and I’m still waiting.” 

“Well, you just spent some time with the spiders and learned about contrary action as a way of breaking up the ‘bandwagon mindset’. From what I recall, you experienced a pretty good shift in perspective from that little talk. Consider this fun fact: opinions matter. Just look at the number of opinions that were formed and projected in the last twenty minutes! Or for that matter, what about your opinions of birds like me, yourself as well as the nature of our existence?” 

“Whoa! This is a bit much.” 

“No, not really. The point is every thinking creature has an opinion and when we take the time to listen to them rather than protect ourselves from them, we gain terrific insight into what’s going on with that individual…in the moment! What’s more, you have seen yourself, since coming back to this time, as something different and special. Each one of us is; yet, your opinion of yourself and the mortals of this world separated you from your own true nature. Although unfortunate, this is a great learning experience. Opinions have the ability to divide as well as unite, depending on whether or not our ego is in check.” 

“I don’t understand.” 

“You’ve been so afraid of being a part of this time in the world that you lost touch with your Goddess self.” 

“Well, it is hard with all the noise and busyiness.” 

“Everyone here gets that point, AND your opinions are storytellers: letting everyone that understands this concept, know exactly what’s going on with you as well as how to support you.” 

“I don’t need anyone’s help.” 

“If you say so; yet, maybe just having others understand you might be all the help you need?! Besides, if you don’t ‘need help’, then why did you come to this gathering tonight?” 

“Point taken. But, what did you mean when you said ‘opinions have the ability to divide as well as unite’?” 

“It’s simple; if ‘we’ choose to judge opinions as useless and problematic, we separate ourselves from the person with the opinions. On the other hand, when ‘we’ allow opinions to shed light on the individual(s) ‘we’re’ speaking with, now ‘we’ve’ created a connection through understanding. Your concerns about being back and in this world, although you’ve been trying to connect with those around you, actually separated you from yourself. You did nothing wrong; you just got scared and ended up lost. The more you take the time to understand yourself, the easier it becomes to be kind and generous with yourself as well as the world around you.” 

“Please know how much I appreciate all of you! You’ve made this evening quite fascinating and I am super tired. I need to lay down.”

The vulture, with the help of his burrowing owl friends led me to a comfy little den on the side of the hill, where the last thing I remember was… 

Sweet dreams … 


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