Girls Night Out, Part I

It’s an Eleusinian Psychedelic Rebirth Ritual!! Well, not exactly like the old days, but it sure is ‘close enough for government work’. I’m not sure if this is the right way to use this funny saying. I happened to overhear a few of my new mortal friends using it recently and thought it fit.

Historically, Eleusinian Mysteries were transformative rituals held in Eleusis and celebrated for nearly two thousand years. Participation was open to everyone; men, women, slaves and emperors as long as they spoke Greek and had never committed a murder. Many people travelled great distances for this incredible healing experience which started with a sacred fast and was completed by drinking a kykeon elixir.

The interesting thing is the way today’s mortals describe kykeon; water, barley and naturally occurring substances or a drink consisting of wine and grated cheese. Yuck, to the second idea! The first description is closer; however, no one tells you that the ‘naturally occurring substances’ was actually ergot, a fungus that grows on a variety of grains including barley, which produces ergotamine, a chemical also known as the precursor to your more commonly known hallucinogen, LSD.

Well, we’re not taking LSD tonight. Nor does anyone, other than me, speak Greek. As for being a murderer, I believe my company is safe; yet, now do you understand why these two factors were a requirement for participating in such an ancient ritual?! If you’re capable of killing someone with an unaltered mind, what’s going to happen while you’re tripping? And, then there’s the idea of having a different language coming at you after drinking the kykeon magic potion; it’s pretty scary. These ceremonies were sacred, and safety was a priority; otherwise, there would have been more harm than healing taking place.

That said, I feel completely safe tonight. I’m surrounded by a number of women that I’ve met since being in Madrid, NM and all we’re doing is painting, setting intentions for this moon cycle, and sitting silently around the fire. This is another difference. Thousands of years ago, the Eleusinian Mysteries celebrated the passing of winter and the return of a more fertile period in honor of Demeter and Persephone. Our little gathering this evening, although being in the summer, is also about rebirthing. We’re here to personally create something new through clarity and intention. I think this is where the mushrooms come in.

Oh wait a minute, I neglected to tell you. We ate some mushrooms a short while ago; although, not ergot. It seems someone around here grows a different type of fungus called psilocybin. In all honesty, I don’t know what to expect. These girls tell me I will connect to my higher self. Is this the Goddess in me? If so, I can’t imagine feeling any different than I do now; then again, time will tell and I’m open to having a good time.

In the meantime, what do I want to create in my life. This is an interesting question. I can hardly believe how my life has gone since returning. What do I want next? Truthfully, I’m paying attention to what the others are saying and noticing that their desires are not for material gain. Each of these women is seeking some type of healing. Oddly I’m stuck. Where do I need to be healed? Is this my healing or something I learn in order to pass on to others? Maybe this is where the mushrooms come in. I think I’m going to leave my list of intentions blank and just see what comes up throughout the evening. 

The Eleusinian Mysteries were about revelations. This is what I want…a revelation. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing or saying. This is my trip, right?! So, what do I hope to create during this gathering? The space; the clarity, because ultimately what I want is the ‘aha’!

Hasta la vista,


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