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Hello, my little mortals, and how are we on this beautiful day? I thought it best if I dropped in and gave y’all an idea of where things are standing on my recent job change. As y’all know, my baby brother, Zeus, has asked me to take over as resident OA Counsel. I tell you, I spent hours trying to wipe the years of dust off my old law books.

I’ve moved into my new offices on the eleventh floor of the Olympus Administration Building. Such a monstrosity. Why, I could have planted enough wheat on that land to feed the world for years to come. Except for a few minor adjustments, my offices were already set up and waiting for me. It was almost like someone expected me to end up there. Hmmmm…

I am very happy to announce that my precious baby, Persephone, has finally returned. Why, I was beginning to think that something awful had happened to her. Rumor around the complex says that she and that…husband…of hers are having a lovers’ spat. (You’ll notice I kept my true opinions to myself. Chapter 2, section 14, sub-section G-7 of the Sacred Law states that as Divine Counsel, I am now required to be a little nicer to…him).

I’m thinking of having my precious baby come in and work as my office assistant to keep a better watch over her. She’s such an innocent little goddess, and I’d hate to think what horrible things might befall her. I know she’d much rather be out frolicking among the flowers and the nymphs, but Mother knows best.

I’m getting worried about my sweet little nephew, Hephaestus. After that brawl he and Ares had a while back, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him. I heard he and Ares were trying to work things out, but it seems he’s gone MIA. I do hope he comes back soon, though. I’m not too impressed with some of the decor in this office and I need a few more windows to the west.

I passed by Baby Brother as I was bringing some of my law books up to the office. I could tell by the look in his eye he was in no mood to chat. I simply shot him a few pleasantries in the hall and let him continue. I’m not sure which of the family’s got him hot under the collar, but I’m sure it’s not me.

It will take me a bit longer than I’d planned to get everything in order. I need to put 3,000 years worth of law books on the shelves, organize my filing system, get acquainted with modern mortal laws, and read through a few of these files already on my desk. I see a lot of late nights and cups of coffee in my future. Wish me luck.

Ta-ta for now

~~Demeter, OA Counsel of Sacred Law~~

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  1. I’ll have to stop by and see Perseph. I used to enjoy talking with her on the rare occasion that “Step-Dad” Hades would let me out of Tartarus to stroll around.

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