Corporate Merger

So with everything that has happened, it’s official: I am moving into the Olympus Administration building. It will take some time to make that happen and first I had to get Ares to approve a merger of father and son.

“Hey, Reginald,” I said as I strolled past his desk and headed toward Father’s office door.

“You can’t go in there,” protested Reginald as he pressed the intercom and tried to get my father’s attention.

I knocked on the door.

“Yeah? What?” said Ares through the door.

“It’s me, Dinlas.”

“C’mon in, son.”

Wait…did he just call me son? He must still be in the emotional shitter over Cassandra.

I walked in as Reginald came up to hover behind me. I closed the door in his face. Then I grabbed a chair.

“How are you feeling, Dinlas?”

“I’m better,” I replied. “All the swelling has gone down and now that I have been eating ambrosia again, many of the scars are fading.”

Ares nodded. “Good, how about mentally?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Last time you said that, you went on to savage a satyr in the OA lobby, then almost get yourself killed by an ancient witch.”

I huffed up a little. “Well, I’m sure Eleni has been reporting to you. What has she been saying?”

Ares shrugged and replied, “She says you’re good. Says she is amazed how quickly you have bounced back from all the events of All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain.”

“Good, then can we discuss business?”

“Sure, shoot. What are you thinking about?” he replied as he leaned back in his chair.

“Well, we discussed briefly once about joining forces so to speak. More specifically about merging our businesses.”

“I’d still be interested, Dinlas, but I’m not going to be party to anything illegal you have going on.”

I nodded. “I understand. Mostly, I have protection rackets working throughout the city. I can’t just walk away from them. Frankly, it would leave them vulnerable to someone else.”

“Someone else like you?” Ares asked.

“No, someone worse. I charge very reasonably. Regardless, my thought was that we could convert them all to contracts with Wares Security for security equipment and monitoring.”

Ares nodded. “Not a bad idea, actually. Anything else shady going on?”

“I have a grow operation that’s hidden in Olympus Park. I’ve never seen it, nor can I find it.”

‘Did you ask Artemis?”

“I was going to but, well, you know.”

“I understand. Get it sorted out. The government is taking contracts for medical marijuana growers. Maybe we could start growing Olympus Weed.”

“I will. So does this mean we are a go? You move into the forge operations and leave Eleni and me to handle security and bounties?”

“Yeah, I think so. Dad is after me hard right now and I am up to my neck in paperwork. I would love some help.”

“Have you asked Eros?”

Ares rolled his eyes. “No. Can you imagine? Even if he showed up, it would be nothing but pandemonium all day long. He’s a poster-child for SASS, short-attention span syndrome. Let Eros alone to do, whatever it is Eros does, all day long.”

“Okay, understandable. I will be moving into the OA building as well. My hope is to convert the warehouse fully into our armory and training center. Eleni can be on-site for day to day operations and I will travel back and forth. However, I will live in the OA and some of the offices will be there as well.”

“Your space at the Olympus Administration Building is unused?”

“I’ve never set foot in it.”

Ares smiled and said. “You really hated having to come back here and be around family again, didn’t you?”

I sat silent for a moment as we looked at each other. Finally, I answered. “Let’s just say I have warmed up to the idea more since I have been here.”

“Sounds good then,” he responded as I stood to leave.

“I’ll keep you in the know on progress as we move along. I hope to have this all done by the new year.”

I headed out the door and tousled Reginald’s hair as I said, “Later, Reggie.”

“Stop touching my hair!” I heard him shout from his desk as the outer office door closed behind me.

I chuckled to myself, then envisioned the twenty-seventh floor of the OA building. With a wink and a pop, I was standing in front of the door to my space. We each got a floor to our own, but I never used it until now. I reached out for the doorknob, it was locked. 

Ugh, I have to go downstairs and get a key from Grandpa Z’s office. With a shrug, I turned a little harder and pulled the doorknob off the door. I pushed it open.

The floor space is hard to fathom inside a building. 225 meters by 225 meters. Two and a half American football fields in either direction.

Z always has been a go big or go home kind of guy, I thought.

I started to walk it off. I’ve always been a fan of sparse industrial looks. Maybe Eros and Nyx could help me decorate. I hate to ask my brother for anything, but he does have a better eye for all that than I do.

Ugh, he’s just so annoying to deal with, though.

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