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Janet Boyer

Wisdom of the Scribe

Read the Writings of the Scribe
Life is a flower
So precious in your hand
Carry on smiling
And the world will smile with you…
Please Mr. Agony
Release them for a while…
– Ace of Base (“Life is a Flower”)

Other Wisdom from the Scribe =

Physical Appearance =

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 180-ish

Hair Color: Thick, wavy, ash-blonde hair that flows down to the middle of her back (no bangs), with a two-inch streak of white hair in front.

Facial Hair: As a side-effect of her mortal form, teeny, tiny green vines sprout from her face at night. She spends up to an hour plucking them before she goes out. Unfortunately, they can’t be “magic-ed” away.

Eyes: Pale green irises that gradually turn darker towards the limbal rings. When she’s upset, her eyes turn solid emerald.

Distinguishing Features: Emanates the scent of a different flower every 24 hours (it changes at 3:20 AM). Unfortunately, not all flowers smell pleasant…

Family =

Parents: Okeanos (Father); Mother Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: Zephyrus (God of the West Wind)

Children: Carpus (God of Fruit)

Professions =

Chloris owns Bloomin’ Good, an all-things-floral and tea shop on the 9th floor in the Olympus Administration Building. Also operates the flower-strewn Solarium on the same floor.

= Residence =

Reluctantly, she left the Elysian Fields at Zeus’s request. Not a fan of travel, even at goddess-speed, Chloris has replicated swathes of spring from dozens of countries in her vast apartment on the 9th Floor (yes, it’s a dirt floor!). In a clearing, off to the side of her apartment, is a kitchen with a well-stocked pantry of spices, as well as flower-infused teas, tisanes, honeys and oils (that she makes herself). Fridge is full of fruits and vegetables (she’s a vegetarian). On the other side of her apartment is a small, closed-off bathroom. Off to the side, she showers amid the flowers using stored rainwater.

= Personal Information =

General Overview: A loner who prefers flowers to both fellow deities and humans, she’s taken her assignment from Zeus seriously: to live among mortals, to demonstrate why the gods are necessary and relevant…and to make sure they never forget them again.

Deity Nicknames: “Flowers”; Flora

Likes: Solitude among flowers, chocolate, cats, springtime, inventing new tea blends, classical and upbeat 80s music, artists of all stripes, environmentalists, beneficial insects, birds, gentleness, innocence, warm rains, aromatherapy, rainbows and comfy pillows.

Dislikes: Cacophony, crudity, violence, concrete, dishonesty, crowds, fluorescent lights, thumping bass, synthetic fabrics, pesticides, polluters, cigarettes/smokers

= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Botanical Affinity – She can communicate with flowers and flowering trees—causing them to propagate or grow rapidly (which is why she doesn’t need a supplier for Bloomin’ Good).

Insect Affinity – She can also communicate with insects, even influencing their behavior.

Flower Form – Chloris can transform into any flower at will—then shift back to human form.

= Weaknesses =

Claustrophobic – If she were to be forcibly enclosed in a small space—say, a closet—her mortal life force would begin to drain. She would then have to go back to the Elysian Fields for 48 hours to recharge before re-manifesting as a mortal.

= Possessions =

Normal Daily Wear: Billowy floral blouses hanging down to mid-thigh. Colorful capris and sandals. Boho bracelets and anklets.

Alternate Dress Wear: In her apartment, she wears a peplos made from muslin.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons:

Hot pink flower-shaped sunglasses with mirrored lenses – Gives her “soul vision” to see—and encourage—the good in others.

Mirrored Garden Ball – Through it, she can see the Elysian Fields—and check-in/communicate with the heroic and noble dead who reside there.

Positive Spray – Disguised as a rose gold lipstick container with engraved daisies, this spray contains special flower essences (unscented) that Chloris has made—and is used to dispel negativity and conflict.

= Historical Synopsis =

Sources vary about Chloris’ origin. Some say she was a Nymph who lived in the Elysian Fields. Others say she was a Niobids–one of the children of Amphion of Thebes and Niobe, slain by Apollo and Artemis because Niobe had boastfully compared the greater number of her own offspring with those of their mother, Leto. (Pseudo-Appolodorus). Still others (Pseudo-Applodorus, Pseudo-Clement, Scholia, et. al.) say she was the daughter of Orchomenus who married the seer Ampyx (son of Elatus), with whom she had a child Mopsus who also became a renowned seer and would later join the Argonauts. The Argonautica Orphica calls her by a different name, Aregonis. In some accounts, she mothered Mopsus by Zeus. However, I’m playing her as Ovid’s Fasti version: a Goddess of Flowers and Spring (granted the role by her husband, Zephyrus)—who dwells in the Elysian Fields aka the Isles of the Blessed (not by the banks of the Oceanus River as described by Homer, nor in the underworld by later mythologies).


= Introduction =

Floral greetings to you!

I am known as Chloris, aka “The Green One”. You may recognize this root word from your mortal oral antiseptic Chloraseptic—say that three times fast!—as well as the word chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants.

Speaking of plants, I happen to be the Goddess of Flowers.

Purple hyacinths, yellow daffodils, magenta azaleas, pink peonies, white snowdrops, delicate bluebells…aren’t springtime blooms magnificent? Oh yes…I’m also the Goddess of Spring.

Okeanos was my father, and Zephyrus—the west-wind god of gentle spring and early summer breezes—is my husband. Our child is Carpus, the god of fruit.

Unfortunately, my story is hard to find in human tomes—perhaps because the gods (and humankind?) tend to prefer war, chaos, delusion, revenge, and darkness…(looking at you Ares, Eris, Ate, Nemesis and Nyx).

Well, I’m here to change that, not only by telling you about the day I created the rose (yes, the rose—that gorgeous blossom revered and beloved by so many), but also by sharing my love for flowers.

I mean, have you looked at the world these days—not to mention Olympus? Ack! We need more color, more beauty, more pleasantness, more… renewal.

So, anyway!

About the time I fashioned the Queen of Flowers…

One day, as I was strolling through the verdant woods, I came upon a lifeless nymph lying on the forest floor. Alarmed, and moved with compassion, I breathed life into her—resurrecting the nymph into a flower. I beseeched Aphrodite to give her beauty and Dionysus to grant her an intoxicating aroma. I then asked the Three Graces to bestow her charm, joy and splendor—and happily, they did!

My husband blew away the clouds so that Apollo’s warming rays might shine down on the new flower.

Aphrodite named the flower “Rose”, dedicating it  to her son, Eros (the God of Love). Everyone agreed this new creation was spectacular—and dubbed her the Queen of Flowers.

I then charged Eos (Goddess of the Dawn) and Iris (Goddess of the Rainbow) to spread the news about this glorious event—so Iris borrowed a hint of the rose’s color, while Eos tinged the morning sky with her pink hue. 

I thank you for spending time with me, dear mortal (as well as you fellow deities that are lurking about). Henceforth, if you’re in the mood for some flower power and a good dose of cheerful enthusiasm, stick around…because everything’s coming up roses.

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