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Well, my sweet little Persephone is back in the Underworld with Hades. Though I’m just as depressed as usual, I’m a little more at ease with where she’s at. I’ve come to understand that it’s time for her to live her own life and if she wants to be with Hades, so be it. She makes a beautiful queen and I know Thanatos will watch over her.

It’s more pressing that I get back to work. Now that the insanity of the Witch’s month is over, the whole Pantheon is trying to get back into the swing of things. I spent most of the month sitting in my office alone, feeling sorry for myself. But I’ve got to stop. It seems I may have to deal with a situation that I thought was long past.

Several months ago, my beautiful sister, Hera, smote a mortal male in her office. Well, I can’t say the human didn’t deserve it. He did. But it turned into quite a fiasco before it was finished. I had to call in several favors in order to keep Baby Brother’s grand plan afloat. Now, however, it seems Mrs. Franklin has decided to sue my sister for ruining her future. I guess she’s decided that taking a beating was worth it in order to maintain her upper-crust lifestyle. My sweet little nephew, Ares, even went so far as to make sure Mrs. Franklin received a nice settlement. I didn’t know a mortal could burn through that much money so quickly.

I’ve noticed that the files on my desk have piled up. Most of it is minor stuff: speeding tickets, broken windows, that kind of thing. I’m still working on that missing dead guy for Hades, but I’m not getting very far. Charon is upset with me for getting him in trouble with my hot-headed son-in-law. I do hope he’ll still help, though. I need to get those interviews done before their memories fade away completely.

I still can’t help but feel a bit lonely here in my office. Knowing that Persephone is in the Underworld always makes my heart hurt, but it’s more than that. Something’s really been gnawing at me. Something from my past I’ve tried hard to keep sequestered in the recesses of my mind. Someone I’ve spent eons trying to forget.

The truth of the matter is that I always think of him this time of year. Usually, however, I’m able to push him out of my mind and go on about my business. I’ve even gone so far as to allow the other gods, and mortals alike, to believe my annual depression was about Persephone. “Oh, look at Demeter,” they’d all say. “Poor thing’s pouting again over her misguided daughter.” Yes, I miss my baby, but she’s not the reason for my anguish.

I sit here and reflect on all I’ve done over the past 3,000 years or so. I’ve fed millions of mortals, starved a few million as well. I’ve collected law books from all around the world over the years. Not just laws put in place by the mortals, but the laws of the Universe as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can’t break Universal laws and think you’ll never get caught. It will happen and it won’t be pretty.

I think about my children, all of them. Not just Persephone, but all her brothers and sisters as well. None of them visit me or even call me. I don’t blame them. I wasn’t much of a mama to most of them. I was always so worried about my precious little baby that I pretty much let the rest of them do as they pleased. They were all so much stronger than she was, or so I thought. Turns out that she was just as strong as they were. I was the one who wasn’t as strong as I should have been.

I should be working, but I can’t concentrate on any of my cases. And for some reason, he’s weighing heavy on my mind tonight. Why? Why, after nearly three millennia, is his memory so intense? Why is his image so bright in my mind? Why can’t I push him away like I have so many times before? Why do I still yearn for his embrace when I’m alone?

“Knock it off, damn it,” I whisper to myself as I wipe the tears away from my cheeks. This is no time for a pity party. I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to make sure my sister isn’t sued by some money-hungry mortal who’s using her “loss” as a way to embezzle money from my family. Knowing Hera, she’ll smite this mortal just as quickly as she did the woman’s husband. This time, however, it will be out of sheer anger and I can’t allow that to happen. I’m not even sure Zeus could keep her from exacting her revenge.

As I get up to fetch myself a cup of my special brew, I notice a few of the candles in my office begin to flicker. I feel a slight breeze move through the air. It’s warm and inviting, but where is it coming from? I look around and notice that the window on the south side of my office is open. I’m sure it was closed when I came in, but maybe I’m wrong. I may have opened it earlier or maybe the housekeeping staff left it open when they were here to clean.

I tell myself it’s no big deal, but something inside says it is. I walk over to close the window and a sudden rush of wind hits my face. Then, just as quickly, it’s gone. I stand there for a bit, looking out into the darkened Olympus world. I feel as though I’m being watched, but I know that can’t be right. I’m a goddess, and I’d know if someone were spying on me, right? Besides, I’m on the eleventh floor of the OA building. Who could be watching me from way up here?

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