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Erato’s Misadventures: The Tragedy of Erato: A Monologue

I suppose it’s like sex on the beach – better in theory than in practice unless you’re well prepared or you really, really like sand. Maybe a cell would be sexier if the bed was softer and the heating worked. […]


Erato’s Misadventures – Prologue

I’d also like to be very clear, if everyone involved isn’t into it, it’s not erotic. It’s not sex. There are plenty of other words for it, use one of them. Need a clear analogy? I can hit you with a frying pan, but that doesn’t make it cooking. […]


Poetry After Dark: First Lessons

It is the spell that words weave, the heart that skips, the stomach clenching, the ache behind your eyes as you feel the loss, the pain, the gasp, the relief of triumph. […]


Poetry After Dark: Lesson Planning

How to write an erotic poem for your lady friend
Begin by choosing a symbol, or a metaphor,
around which to twist the threads of your desire,
into a sweater of seduction. […]