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Aphrodite (Cady Hammer)
Aphrodite is written by Cady Hammer, currently revising her debut YA fantasy novel, Chasing Fae. She is also the author of Fluff About Fantasy, a blog to aid fantasy writers in the writing process and to get people excited about her work.
Aphrodite (Cady Hammer)

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Aphrodite (Cady Hammer)

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  1. Dear Aphrodite,

    What a very interesting questionnaire! Running such a business is definitely right up your alley. However, was sending a questionnaire to my office really necessary?


  2. Dear Aphrodite:

    Great questions! I’d love to know how you’d describe the most “thoughtful and caring thing you’ve done for someone else”?

    Oh, you’ve never done anything thoughtful and caring for someone else? Why am I not surprised?

    Welcome back. Glad you’ve figured out something to do that takes advantage of your incredibly nosy and icky nature. But leave my brother(s) alone. If you don’t love Hephy, cut him loose. And stop toying with Ares.

    Just a little sisterly advice from your least favorite sister,
    Pallas Athena

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