Rising from the Ashes, Part I

“I am. There is an election soon here in Mississippi that I have been encouraged to run for. As I understand it, it is practically sitting in the palm of my hand.” […]


The Case of the Missing Dead Man, Part II

One of the phenomena I came across was what the mortals call “time slips”. There were several reports of missing time, but time slips were where mortals were claiming to either go ahead or back in time. […]


Can’t Think, Can’t Breathe, Part II

I could see her hair, her face, her clothes, but not her expression, I could see where she would want to go, I could see the route there, but not what to talk about along the way. […]


The Truth, Part VI – Aftermath

I think a lot of it is curiosity. They’ve read the stories about you all these years, but they never believed in their wildest dreams they would actually get to meet you. […]


The Truth, Part V – The Interview II

The next day, the offended scribe started a rumor, someone wrote it down, and things went downhill from there. Once things are written down, it’s hard to get them removed. […]