Circe Moves Back to Olympus

Once again, I find myself at Zeus’ whim—first it was Aeaea, now it is his almighty will that each of us declare a main office at the Olympus Administration building. Can you believe it? After all these years, I’m actually being summoned back to Olympus. The Gods and their logic…

‘Tis strange, these halls. I recognize the flawless, golden faces of those I pass—Athena, Poseidon, Hera—and am greeted with gleaming grins and warm welcomes, but I know their games. Gods are pleasant to you until they grow bored. It is only a matter of time before they start turning on each other, seducing each other’s children, eating one another’s lovers.

But you needn’t worry about me, my mortal friends. Since my time away from Olympus, I too have learned a few tricks of my own. Let them cross me.

When I arrived at the Olympus Administration this morning—which they are apparently calling the OA—the unenthusiastic receptionist told me to “choose an empty floor,” and I’ve been left wandering aimlessly ever since. For hours, I went from floor-to-floor, the pristine elevator chiming sweetly upon my arrival, only to find that each floor I stopped at was already taken. I’m not sure what number I’ve arrived at now, perhaps floor sixty-six? I’ve lost count.

As the doors part, I am relieved to finally find peace and quiet. The floors below are a bustle of lusting Gods and conniving Goddesses, so much so that I had to fight the urge to flee the moment I entered this forsaken building. But here, in the silence of this empty hall, with the natural glow of the sun from outside, dare I say, I actually feel a little at home here.

There are of course, a few things missing, though.

Zeus would like us to establish a “home base,” a place at OA that represents us and where mortals and the Gods and Goddess alike, can locate each other when needed. Well, I think I know what I will do with my floor. For what doesn’t represent me more than wildness and untamed growth?

I walk to a window that spans the entire perimeter of the floor and bask in the sun’s warmth. I let my eyelids fall, let my imagination take me back to Aeaea. The fresh scent of herbs brings me back to home. I can see the green foliage tumbling out of the jungle and soaring into the sky. A low rumble reminds me of my lions, and I am comforted by their closeness and watchful eyes.

When I open my eyes, although it’s to a drab, empty floor, I see its potential easily. Some of the windows can be replaced with open balconies, while the ceilings reach high enough for trees tall enough to suit both birds and monkeys. With the company of my animals and plants, the OA might be well-suited to house my second home to Aeaea—I believe mortals would call such a place a zoo.

With the help of my magic, I expect to have the place up and running by September of 2019. Stay tuned, dear friends. Circe is back.

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Circe (Jessaca Willis)
Circe is portrayed by fantasy writer, Jessaca Willis. She is currently working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy series and a dark fantasy series. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or check-out her current works on Amazon)
Circe (Jessaca Willis)

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Circe (Jessaca Willis)


  1. Circe:

    I wasn’t trying to be disingenuous. I really was glad to see you. After all, you helped Ody get home safe (eventually). Let me know if you need any olive trees in your digs.

    Pallas Athena

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